About Me

Hi and welcome to Work Up Online,

my name is Michelle and for a very long time I wanted to be free from working for someone else.  I have always fancied being my own boss and work from home but was unsure of how I would do this.  But, after being off work ill with a work injury and struggling with the thought of going back I myself started to look around the internet for ways I could work from home and earn an income.

Now one thing that really took me by surprise when doing this was the amount of scams online, they are everywhere! As soon as I started looking at working from home my email inbox became a target of these online marketing scams all offering me a pipe dream.  Luckily I investigated thoroughly and never bought into them.  I know, however, it is hard to see through some of these when you are desperate to get out the rat race and that is why I want to help you avoid this as much as I possibly can.

Time spent investigating this was time taken away from me getting my business up and running and believe me  I could have saved about a week or two of my time at the start, maybe more.

So I have built this website to help others avoid some of the pitfalls when starting out and to offer advice about getting started and strategies that will help you grow as you get your own business up and running.

I firmly believe that everyone has the potential to become there own boss and run their own business.  Now this won’t happen overnight but if you are willing to work at it you could soon be leaving your job behind too.

Here’s to Your Success, may it be plentiful and abundant,