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Do you want to create a website that you can use to make money online? Do you know which type of website you want to have? Do you know where you can go to get a website set up for FREE?

What if I told you that you could create your own website, for FREE, today? In fact what if I told you that you could have a site set up within an hour, would you think I was telling the truth?

Well of course I am! That is exactly what I have done when I first started online. If you find the right place to set up and host your website you can have this done super quick.

I am going to show you just how easy this can be and NO it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. The truth is you can have 2 FREE websites on the free membership with this platform. There is no need for you to upgrade if you don’t wish to and nobody is going to pressure you to do so.

Building a FREE website is easy, making money off it is maybe a little harder, but guess what, it can be done. There are people I know who have done just this. I will share how in this post.

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Before You Start

I just want to run over a few things here before you start or you go ahead and jump right into building your first site. I want you to ask yourself a few questions to make sure this is the right decision for you.

Are you sure you want a website? Having a website can take up much of your time in the beginning. This is a big factor to consider if you want to do this as a side hustle while in full-time employment. You will need to find time every week to be publishing something on your site as a bare minimum.

Do you enjoy learning? Having a website requires you to continually learn and grow in this ever-changing online area. You will have to wear many hats owning a website from learning about SEO, Social Media and bookkeeping once you start earning money through your website.

Are you in it for the long term? Creating a website and putting stuff on it is not going to make you rich overnight. If you are looking for a get quick rich scheme then websites are probably not for you. Owning a website often means delayed gratification where you are putting way more work in than you are earning. This is not just for the first few weeks but could take a few years before you really see the kind of growth that earns you a good full-time income. If this does not put you off and you are prepared for some hard work and learning, not only is this for you, YOU are also the type of person that has what it takes to make it work!!

Do you know what kind of website you want? Many people choose affiliate marketing websites where they blog in a given niche, some want an e-commerce site or some a news site. The kind of website you want is your choice and you should take your likes and strengths into consideration when choosing.

Don’t worry if you are not completely sure just now as if you want to take up the offer of 2 FREE websites further down in the post you can simply play about without it costing you any money. A free business trial so to speak.

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My First Website

See when I first started out I was looking at many ways to make money online and the one that resonated with me the most was by having a blog where I could write about something I was passionate about.

I always wanted to write but was unsure of the type of writing would suit me. By blogging, I could try out different skills and see what the audience thought of my writing and how writing regularly would suit my life. It was a little bit like, I liked to write and for me, the writing was a kind of romanticized dream. But, what if, that dream could become a reality and would it be something I was able to do on a full-time basis later on in life. I have always written poetry and reviews and stuff but I wanted to concentrate my writing and gain practice and confidence so I thought blogging would be good for this.

So, the next step was that to have a blog I needed a website.

I had absolutely no clue whatsoever about starting a blog or a website but thought, hey, how hard can it be when literally thousands of people are doing it?

I started poking around the internet and tried to get an idea of how to set up a website and gather some information about what I was going to write about once it was set up. I looked at domain names and prices, web hosting prices and some of the training offered by companies online to help you start making money online through blogging.

WOW, information overload was a complete understatement. My head was buzzing and my thoughts more unclear than they were before trying to get clarity on starting a website and writing about my niche, which was camping, just so you know.

I decided that I would maybe just leave it for a few days and give my head a rest. It was during these days of rest that I was looking for ideas on Pinterest that I saw a Pin about blogging online. I clicked through and found a review for a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. The review was positive and decided to take up the FREE membership. This FREE membership included training and 2 FREE websites.

That is where I built my first website and had stuff on it in under an hour! Below is the video I watched on setting up a website in under 30 seconds, it really is that simple on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Check out this video of how to set up a website in under 30 seconds.

creating a website video

Website Created …

It really was that quick and once I had created that first website and started going through the training I was pretty much hooked.

I quickly upgraded to the premium membership to allow me to continue to grow my knowledge about websites and content creation along with everything else there is to learn. The amount of training and knowledge on this platform is unbelievable! Not only do they have the official training you can progress through, but there are also weekly live training videos, peer to peer training videos, lots of how-to videos and the list goes on and on.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on here then it probably isn’t worth knowing. You have live videos, training classes, peer training, classroom, live chat and a place to post to share achievements, ask questions, ask for help and even have a moan if that’s what you need.

The community is one of great collective knowledge and very friendly and helpful. You will learn everything from setting up a website and selecting plugins to how to create your own training that you can sell to others or clients and working towards a weekend in Vagas for top performers.

Here and Now

2 years on I am still part of that great community and still working on my websites while continuing to learn and grow through the platform. I have a regular income thanks to following the training and putting it into practice and if I ever do get stuck with something I ask others for help. This is certainly so much quicker and easier than searching the internet for answers.

I have loved my time both within WA and working on my sites. Even when life got in the way and I had to take a break, everything was there for me to go back to once I was ready.

I am now more aware of the commitment that is needed to run a website than I was when I started. As I said I had to take some time out which couldn’t be helped. Although website traffic slowed as I hadn’t been posting anything, the money still came in, albeit less than before. It did take me a little while to get my sites back on track and grow my traffic again but I have done it, one day at a time and with the support of a wonderful platform.


Making Money

Once you have your site up and running and start to put content on there you are going to want to start to monetise that site so you can grow it and start to have an income. This is true of paid and FREE websites. In fact more so if you have paid for your domain name and hosting as you don’t want to leave yourself out of pocket!

There are many ways in which you can monetize your site but the one thing you need to have first is traffic going to your site. That means getting your site out there in Google and Bing, maybe setting up a Facebook Page for your site, Instagram, Twiter the list can go on and on as far as Social Media platforms go.

Sharing your website content on social media is a great way to grow your following and get visitors to your site along with good SEO Practices in the beginning.


You may want to make use of Google Adsense where ads can be placed on your site and you will get paid each time someone clicks on one of those ads.

Using affiliate links on your site is also a good way of monetising your content. This is when you become an affiliate for a brand, retailer, product or service and get paid if a person clicks on one of your links and buys or signs up for a paid service. You then earn a commission on that sale. These may just be small commissions but they do all add up quite quickly.

Selling products through your site or having an e-commerce site where you sell other peoples products. Dropshipping has become quite big business across websites but one that I myself am not familiar or knowledgeable about.

Of course, if you can also offer paid services to others yourself for an income. If you are particularly good or knowledgable about something you could design a course or training that others can pay to access and monetize your site that way. This is probably the most difficult and time-consuming but also greatly beneficial financially to you.

There are many ways to start receiving income through your website once it is up and running it is just up to you how you go about doing this. What you feel comfortable about or are even drawn towards. It may depend on what type of website you want to own and run. As I said before no matter what you choose there is lots of free training out there to help you on your way.

Are You Ready

So, are you ready to build your FREE website? Yes! OK, let’s get you started on the road to having your own website and dreaming big.


Making the decision is only the start of something beautiful, from here on in you are going to be, not only a website owner but an entrepreneur and the leader of your own destiny.

Follow the link below to start. Create a free account and follow the instructions to get your website up and running in the next hour.

Good Luck, let me know how things go for you. You never know, I could be visiting your site the next time our paths meet.

SEO For Beginners

SEO for beginners

Are you new to the online world and that of SEO? Have you recently started your own site and got some content on there already or just thinking about starting your site and want to learn SEO basics?

If so check out this post to help you start to get to grips with SEO and apply it to your site to start to see your website and its traffic grow.

You have landed on this page probably because you have searched the term “SEO for Beginners” or similar and already know the SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, optimising your site for search engines. You want to optimize your site so search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can find, crawl and rank your site. You can optimize your site in many ways and I’ve picked out the ones that are key and proven to work below.

This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I may earn a commission if you use those links.

Please read my full disclosure for more information.


Publishing Frequency

I am only going to mention this very briefly at the start of this post as it is not strictly SEO but is important for growing your site and readers.

The frequency you post content can depend on many things. Publishing content on a regular basis can be difficult for many reasons. Maybe due to your job, family commitments, childcare and even just peace to get it done when living in a busy household.

Publishing regular content is IMPORTANT. Even if you can only publish 1 good piece of content a week, strive for it to go out regularly. It can be really hard, in the beginning, to get content out on a regular basis as you continue to learn about working online as well as juggling your everyday life but set a goal to have at least one piece of content out each week.

As your site grows your readers will be looking out for new content and if you choose to build an email list through your site you will want something to send out in those newsletters.

If this is something you struggle with you can read the following post to give you some tips for writing on a regular basis.


One of the first things you will want to do when you get your site up and running is to set up a google analytics account. This will help you in tracking what is going on within your website. From the number of visitors you are receiving, how long they are staying on your site and what posts are performing well to name but a few.

To set up a google analytics account head to Google Analytics and follow the onscreen instructions to set up a property.

Setting up a property page in Google

Enter your website details and click the create button. This will then take you to a page giving you a unique tracking number for you to place within your website to allow Google to gather information and analise the site.

Google Analytics Tracking ID

You will need to copy and paste this number into your website and this can be done through your dashboard. For me this is done through All in One Seo Pack, you may be using Yoast or something similar.

You want to look for Google Analytics setting as this is where you will need to paste your tracking code. Remember once you have pasted your tracking code in here to update options or save at the bottom of the page.

Google Analytics Tracking Code Input

It may take a day or 2 for you to start seeing any results on here, especially if you have just started your site, be patient and know that you are going to have the data needed to show you how your site is growing. There is lots of information provided by Google Analytics but as you start you want to be seeing traffic coming to your site and checking for errors and fixing those promptly. Google will explain what any errors are and how to resolve them.

Having Google Analytics set up will allow you to see how your website is performing and make the necessary adjustments you need to keep your site growing.

Keywords & Keyphrases

An important part of being found on search engines is using keywords or key phrases. These are what potential readers will be typing into their browser to search (search query) for what they want.

SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) will then list, in rank, content that matches the person search query. That is why you hear so many people talk about ranking for keywords. Essentially using keywords and keyphrases helps you rank in search engines result pages and drive traffic to your site.

For this reason, the keywords or keyphrases that you use within your content must be –

  • Relevant to your content.
  • Appear naturally within your content.
  • Be within the meta description for that piece of content.
  • Be within the title of the post, where possible.
  • Used within Alt Tags where possible.

Keyword Research

For this reason, it is good practice to do some keyword research before you start to write your content. This research can provide you with data relating to the keywords you may be looking at using and also provide other keyword ideas as well as showing you potential organic traffic for that keyword and who else, or how many other domains are also ranking for that keyword.

There are a lot of different keyword research tools out there including Keyword Tool, Ubbersuggest and one of the ones I use, Jaaxy. Most Keyword Tools have both free and paid versions. I would recommend trying a few out to see what one suits you most before committing to a paid keyword tool.

Keyword tools can help you determine keywords, how often a particular keyword or phrase is searched per month, average traffic for that keyword should you rank 1st page on google with it and many other stats.

It also allows you to look at similar keywords and phrases and gives the stats on them too. By using such research tools you can better plan what keywords you will use in your content and those that will help you rank higher on search engines.

As you can see below the keyword “keyword” is searched around 12264 times a month and if you ranked on the first page of the search engine for this keyword it could result on average 2085 page visits just for that keyword in a month.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Keywords are best used in a natural way, so think about what people may type into the search, this is also better as many people are using voice searches and would ask for a search on how they would if they were conversing with another person.

Use keywords naturally throughout your content and don’t try to keyword stuff (stuffing too many keywords into a set piece of content) this can look messy. It is always best to try and rank high for a few targeted keywords through good quality content that provides real value to the reader than to stuff as many keywords as you can into a post and have poor content.

When you use keywords naturally they should be appearing not only in the title and description that is shown on SERP’sbut also in the first few sentences or first paragraph, throughout your body of content and in the conclusion or summary of the content. Remember if you are using pictures within that content that your keywords can also be in “alt image tags” if it is suitable to put them there.

Word Count

Gone are the days where you could write the content of under 1000 words and get plenty of traffic. Websites are way more competitive these days and readers are eager to gain as much knowledge on a subject as the possibly can, in one place. For this reason, blog and content posts are getting longer and being more informative than they had been in the past. Most are word counts these days are upwards of 2500 words. That is not to say if you write something of fewer words that it won’t rank in search engines, but it may be harder to rank.

If you want to see what word counts your competition are putting out you can do this by simply Word Countercopying and pasting their content into a word document or Google doc to see the word count. This will give you a rough idea of what you need to be writing to compete with them. Try to check against more than one site so you are gathering an average count for similar content.

Don’t just copy and paste though, read the content they have written. Then ask yourself, is it informative? Have they missed out anything? Is it direct and straight to the point or is it filled with fluff? Could you write something better or from a different angle that could compete with that content?

Use this information when writing your own content. Especially if writing about the same or a similar subject. Use the knowledge to give your reader more in-depth content or take a different approach to provide the information. Write with the intent of giving more than your competitors. Your word count doesn’t necessarily need to be higher, especially if they have filled out their content with fluff or useless information. Your content does, however, need to give more value to the reader in some way.

If you already have some content on your site and you now feel that the word count is too low or not giving as much value as some of your competitors are you can always edit those posts to bring them up to match or outdo similar sites. However, do not get too caught up on this as you need to publish new content frequently. If you do choose to edit and update some older content it is worth using analytics to see what pages got what views and that knowledge to choose which content you edit first.


Image Alt Tags

Image Alt Tags, alt tags, alt descriptions and alt attributes are tags or descriptions you give any pictures placed on your site. This is important and is what will be displayed if the image doesn’t load correctly, giving value to web accessibility. Again this also helps search bots that crawl your site as they will use the tag or description of a picture rather than see the picture itself.

This will help screen reading tools to describe a picture to a visually impaired reader. So, for this reason, your image alt tags should be an accurate phrase or description of the image. Imagine if you were visually impaired and you wanted someone to describe a picture so as you could picture it fully. That is what you should be aiming for.

Inserting Image Alt Tag

Do not leave blank or keyword stuff in alt images tags or leave as to how you uploaded it such as “IMAGE_2355.png”. This is far from good SEO practice and it will hinder you from getting good ranks with your site. If you already have a website with content on it, as much as it can be a pain, go back and check your images. Are they descriptive enough, would you now change descriptions? check them out and see. Remember to resubmit to search engines when making changes to older posts asking for them to be recrawled.

Good alt descriptions will also help crawl bots to correctly index the image. As the description you enter will be read by the bots in HTML.


Internal Links

Internal Links are when you link from one page of your website to another page of your website. In other words, you are linking internally on your website. This can often be done from your menu and homepage but the internals links that are worth focusing on are contextual links or links that link similar or related content.

Internal links are an important part of building out your website and a good way of keeping readers on your site. If you are writing a post that links in with another you have already written then link to it. Likewise, if you can link to your new post from an older post you may want to go back and edit that content to include a link to your new content.

This helps search engines such as Google and Bing to crawl your site following your links using their bots. It shows that you are interlinking pages and information that are similar or related and the more a page is linked to internally or externally from another source the more importance that page will be given by search bots.


External Links

External links are when you link to another site, taking your readers off or away from your site. When using this style of links it is important that you use sites that are more authoritative than yours where possible and make sure that they are a credible source to link to. The link should take the reader to a relevant source, where they can complete an action, gain additional knowledge to what you have given them, check out stats or such. There is no point sending them away from your site to another site containing similar content, especially a competitor site unless they can expand on what you have said or that their content is more in-depth than what you have written.

It is also worth remembering that if you are linking to an external source that you check the “open link in new tab” box when creating the link. This will allow the reader to click the link and open a new tab without them leaving your site.



Meta Title

The meta title is what appears in the search results. It may not be exactly what you have as the title of your post with the content you are ranking for. If you look closely at the picture below you will see the meta title “Common Mistakes Made When Creating Meta Titles” is different to that in the web address “/mistakes-with-meta-titles”.

A Meta Title is what you are wanting to display on the search results, this is your chance to grab the attention of those who have landed on these search results. Here you are competing with all other sites listed on that page to have that person click on the link to your site. Thus bringing traffic to your site. So you want your meta titles to be catchy or stand out but they still must remain relevant to the search term or keyword.

A reminder that a meta title should be no more than 75 characters long. Always keep within this number as if you go over it will mean that keywords in the title may be omitted in the search engine result and this could lose you traffic.meta title and description example

Meta Description

A meta description just like a meta title is your chance to stand out in the results pages. This is where you tell those who land on that result page what you are offering, about your content or what to expect if they read your content.

Writing meta descriptions can take a little practice as you only have 160 characters, which is not many words to convince someone to click on your site’s result and visit your page. I actually went and changed some meta titles and descriptions on early content on one of my first sites before I really knew much about meta titles and descriptions. This simple action of updating these resulted in more traffic in the following weeks and therefore ranking higher in search engines for those keywords. It took about half an hour to change these on 5 pages of content which produced results of around 5% more traffic to that site.

Site Errors

The last SEO top I want to leave you with is checking your site for errors. The sooner you find and fix errors on your site the better. The best way to do this is to use your google analytics. If you have followed the steps above and set up your analytics account you will be able to see if there are any errors on your site. This is best seen in Google Search Console and is shown in your overview area.

Errors on Search Console

As you can see under Enhancements, search console will display any errors on your site. From here you will be able to open a report and fic that error.

Keeping your site as error-free as possible is vital for giving your site users the best experience possible and keeps your site running smoothly.

SEO Growth

We really hope that this article has helped you to understand the basics of SEO and how you can start applying it to your site as you start growing your online presence. SEO is an important part of how your website will perform and rank on search engines and what has been covered today is only the very basics.

As you continue to grow and learn in the online world you will also need to grow your knowledge on SEO but for now, you have the basics to start and grow your site. Getting the basics right allows you to have a solid foundation from which to grow.

If you want to further your knowledge on this subject there are many good sites out there that will teach more in-depth SEO and one that I would recommend is Neil Patel’s Ubbersuggest. Once on Ubbersuggest simply click on the training tab at the top of the page, and click on SEO Unlocked. This is a great FREE course for anyone starting out and will give you a more in-depth look at SEO as the course runs over several weeks.

Good luck on your online journey, we wish you all the success in your future endeavours.

Growing Your Business in 2020

2020 Business Planner

The Year Ahead

So as another year comes to an end we often start to think about what we want for the year ahead both in personal and business terms. Read on and get your FREE success and business planner.

set goal written on post-it note

This time of the year is when most people start to think about setting goals for the year ahead and dreaming of what may lay ahead for them. For most these dreams remain simply that – dreams!

Now, there is nothing wrong with having dreams, on the contrary dreams are an important part of life. The difference between those who make those dream a reality and those who don’t is planning and commitment. For most, they dream and just hope it will magically happen one day, where as those who strive and work to make those dreams a reality are the ones who make it in life. They are the ones who know what they want and will work hard and find ways to get there.

Are you the type of person who is committed to making your dreams a reality?

I really hope so. I know everyone dreams and thoughts on success are different and to be honest it would be pretty boring if they were all the same. However, one thing that bringing these dreams into reality is planning and working towards that goal or dream you have.


Achieving Your Dream

Get your dreams down onto paper and figure out or make a plan on how you are going to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

It is no use having a goal like “I want to be making £5000 a month in the next year” and then simply leaving it as just that a dream.

You have to have that dream and think to yourself “right, what steps or changes or commitments do I have to make to get to where I want to be.

Do you need to set yourself allocated daily/weekly hours to work on your business?

What do you need to learn more about in order to drive your business forward?

Do you need to be writing more, networking more, selling more?

Break down how you are going to do these things that are needed to get you to where you want to be.

2020 Business Planner picture

We have created a Success and Business planner for you to use. Hopefully, this will enable you to start writing down your goals and then break them down into small more manageable tasks to set you striving to reach your dreams.

You can simply download from here.  2020 Success & Business Planner

Click on the above file, save and then use as required. You may have more than one business and would like to use one for each. You can simply store on your computer and laptop and fill in as you go or you may prefer to print the document and keep it handy as a hard copy.

However, you use this planner we hope that it helps you to achieve your goals and reach your dreams in 2020

Business Books – Our Top 50 Recommended

Books, books, books


If you have landed on this page, it is most likely due to you wanting to read some books that may help you in business. Books are a great way of gaining information and learning, and, when you are in business the one thing you always want to be doing is learning and growing as you go. At first there is so much information to absorb and learning to be done just to get your business started and running smoothly. Then you are going to want to learn how to take it further and make it better and the best way for you to do this is by continually learning.

You’ve probably heard that some top CEO’s can read a book a week on average. That is a whopping 52 books a year!! Considering that the average book takes about 6-8 hours to read that is roughly 312 – 416 hours or 39 – 52 working days if you take a working day as being 8 hours long. That is like dedicating one whole day per week solely to read a book. Now, while this would be great, especially if you love reading it is a huge chunk of time taken away from working on your business.

Please don’t worry, when you are first starting out you will have neither the time nor money to be reading a book a week. (Unless you are devoting every waking hour to your new venture) When first starting it is more important to be reading what is relevant to you and your new business venture, gradually gaining knowledge as you go.

It is also worth noting that not everyone actually buys books or reads these days. Though I will invest in some hard copies of books if I think I will use them either for reference or read them several times.

With many items being available in digital format it is easy to have your whole library in the palm of your hand. Many of us now own Kindles or other reading devices and some even have adopted the spoken word as a way of consuming our books.

I actually use all formats depending on what I am reading and if I will read the book more than once and depending on which formats the books are available in.

These days I tend to listen to my books as I find this a much more convenient way to fit books into my life. I use Audible from Amazon as my whole library is kept safe online and a book can be downloaded and ready to listen to in just a few minutes. This is great as you can listen while exercising, driving or doing daily chores around the house. I love how I am able to multi-task using this method.

Here at work up online we have compiled a list of our top 50, in no particular order and consisting of both newly published and older reading staples of the business and Entrepreneur world. These are in no particular order and you should start by reading what is most relevant to you at this time.

If you do use E books or Audible or buy hard copies of your books online it may be worthwhile adding some of these books to your wishlist or make sure you come back to the site whenever you need to look for a new read.

    1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
    2. The School of Greatness: A Real World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper and Leaving a Legacy – Lewis Howes
    3. The Power of Ambition: Unleashing the Conquering Drive Within You – Jim Rohn
    4. You Were Born Rich – Bob Proctor
    5. The 10X Rule – Grant Cardone
    6. Oversubscribed: How to get People Lining up to do Business With You – Daniel Priestly
    7. High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way – Brendan Burchard
    8. Crushing It! How Great Entrepreneurs Build their Business and Influence and How You Can Too – Gary Veynerchuck
    9. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action – Simon Sinek
    10. Purple Cow – Seth Godin
    11. The 5 Second Rule – Mel Robins
    12. Entrepreneur Revolution: How to Develop an Entreprenuerial Mindset and Start a Business That Works – Daniel Preistly
    13. Key Person of Influence – Daniel Preistly
    14. Build a Brand in 30 Days – Simon Middleton
    15. Unlimitted Power – Anthony Robbins
    16. Business Biographies and Memoirs: 6 Manuscripts, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Steve JobsElon Musk, Jack Ma, Richard Branson – J. R. MacGregor
    17. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R Covey
    18. How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
    19. The Infinite Game – Simon Sinek
    20. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
    21. Take Control of Your Life: How to Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game – Mel Robbins
    22. You Are A Bad Ass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life – Jen Sincero
    23. Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking – Mathew Syed
    24. How To Own The World – Andrew Craig
    25. The Fear Bubble: Harness Fear and Live Without Limits – Ant Middleton
    26. Sack Your Boss: The Ultimate Guide to Escape Your 9-5 – Christian Rodwell
    27. What it Takes: Life in the Pursuit of Excellence – Stephen A. Schwarzman
    28. Money: Know More, Make More, Give More – Rob Moore
    29. The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book – Dee Blick
    30. Make Your Mondays Matter – Jo James
    31. How to Sell on Amazon in 2020: 7 FBA Secrets that Turn Beginners into Best Sellers – Matt Voss
    32. Believe, Build, Become.: How to Supercharge Your Career – Debbie Wosskow
    33. Making Your Mark: How I built a Fortune from £1.50 and You Can Too – Mark Mills
    34. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
    35. Everything is Figure Outable – Marie Forleo
    36. The Joy of Work – Bruce Daisley
    37. Getting Things Done – David Allen
    38. The Fifth Discipline – Peter Senge
    39. Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t- James C. Collins
    40. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference – Malcolm Caldwell
    41. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business – Charles Duhigg
    42. The E-Myth Revisited – Michael E. Gerber
    43. The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results – Gary Keller
    44. Oh, The Places You’ll Go – Dr Seuss
    45. Titan: The Life of John D. Rockerfella Sr – Ron Chernow
    46. Steve Jobs: The Unauthorized Autobiography – J.T.Owens
    47. Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Build The Future – Peter Thiel
    48. Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes
    49. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering The Inner Game of Wealth – T. Harv Eker
    50. The Success Principles:How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be – Jack Canfield

Now we hope you are able to manage your way through some of this list and gain some of the insights we have about both ourselves and business and have an enjoyable and enriching experience along the way.

Build Your Own Business in 2020

Have you ever wanted to make money online or build your own online business? Maybe you want to do this as a side hustle or work towards doing this full-time and earn a very lucrative amount of income. Is YOUR answer to any of these YES?

Well, 2020 could be the year that you make this happen!

Now before we go any further, this is not some “get rich quick scheme” nor am I promising you “overnight success or wealth”. What I am offering you is the chance to build your own online business, from the comfort of your own home. Everything you need will be at your fingertips, all you need is access to a computer, time online and a desire to make this happen, everything else you need will be provided and you will have access to this 24/7.

Does this sound like something you could do or would like to do? Of course, it is! Who wouldn’t like the chance to take control of their own future, establish a business that not only makes you money but that you can be proud of and even pass on to your children if they should desire to lead a great lifestyle once you decide to retire?

entreprenuer golden ticket

The Business Model

This business model will help you build and launch your own website in an area of your choice or expertise.

You will be using Affiliate Marketing strategies to make sales and earn you an income. You will also have full control over what you market, when you market and who you market this to.

You will benefit from doing a piece of work once but will be paid from this piece of work over and over again – this is known as passive income.

You choose when and where you want to work, how many hours you are willing to spend doing this per week is going to be entirely up to you. This means that you can work around family commitments, social engagements, holidays, even your current job till you are making what you need to get out of it and leave the rat race behind for good.

Does this sound like something you could do? Sure, because anyone can do it and we are going to teach you how.

What’s better is that during Black Friday Weekend you can secure everything you need to build this successful business of yours for less than $0.82 per day or £0.64 for us brits. I can guarantee you that you will not be able to find anywhere online or even in the universe that can offer such training and expertise as we do here for anything less.

YES, you can join for FREE and start your business FOR FREE, but you will not have access to everything. 1000’s of hours worth of training and tutorials at your fingertips or a community who support you 24/7 and that is just for starters.



Why Do I Recommend This?

Well, I joined this platform just over a year ago and was lucky enough to be able to take up last years Black Friday Offer and save myself some money. Since this time I have built 2 websites that earn me affiliate commissions! Now I have not been working on both these sites as much as I would have liked in the past year (due to personal circumstances) but, I have still been making enough money to easily cover the cost to take up this year’s Black Friday Deal myself AGAIN! You see I know the value that is offered within this platform because I use it regularly.

The training is always up-to-date and relevant, the support and inspiration from the community are second-to-none. whenever I ask a question or for some help, there is always an answer and someone to lend a hand.

Believe me, you cannot go wrong here. The only way you will not build a successful business in the next year is if you do not do the work. Here you are given EVERYTHING you need to succeed. No withheld information, no having to pay extra for anything or further upsells or costs on your part.



What You Can Get

Black Friday Offer

Plus if you get in quick, you can take up this years BLACK FRIDAY OFFER and pay for a years premium membership for the Massively reduced price of $299 or £245 (approx., dependant on exchange rates). That’s a massive 49% discount.

This means you can get all the great benefits of premium as above for the equivalent of  $25 or under £20 per month.

Plus if you take this offer up you will also receive 4 great FREE bonuses. You would honestly be crazy to pass up on this BLACK FRIDAY OFFER.  This may be the best Black Friday Offer EVER!!!!!

This is an investment rather than an expenditure. An investment in your future, in the rest of your life, the chance for you to start your own business and start living your dream life.

Bonus #1: The Path to Affiliate Stardom in 2020 – Kyle Goes AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Live Class
Bonus #2: Building an Incredible Internet Business in 2020, The WhitePaper.
Bonus #3: Creating a Thriving Authority Website in 2020 (5 Weeks of Live Training)
Bonus #4: Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms (Yearly Members Only)

These are all never seen before bonuses, that are exclusive to those that take part in the Black Friday deal.

Just so you know, Kyle from bonus #1 is one of the founders and creators of Wealthy Affiliate. He has been doing this since 2007, so has a wealth of knowledge and he is ready and waiting to share it with you. You only need to ask him.


What Are You Waiting For?

If you are serious about wanting to build your business, Start here. I wish I had found this years ago as now I know I am going to have a successful business and career online. I am going to write my own future, so to speak as I know this works, I have received payments to prove it works and that is with very little effort.

I know I am going to make 2020 a year full of success & wealth, my year to become fully self-employed, my year to work whenever and wherever I please. Are you going to do it too? Then come join me and we can do this together.



Learn to Become Successful

Everyone wants to become successful, right?

Well, yes!  Well, read on to find out how you can learn to become successful.

Everyone wants success in their life in one way or another, everyone wants to succeed at something. Now not everyone wants success in the same way and everyone measures success differently. What you see and think as success is not always what the person next to you thinks or sees as success.


What is Success?

For most when you think about success you think about wealth. Nothing wrong with that and if that is how you see success that is what you will be aiming for. Just as those who see success as owning your own business or selling your own products will be aiming to do just that.

You see success is a very individual concept but the path to having that success is very much the same, you need to learn. Some people see success as money, owning a business, having their children flourish, owning a homestead and living off-grid, travelling the world. Success is as individual as the person who dreams of that success. For this reason, there is no simple and easy path to success as the path will also be as individual for each person as the thought of their success story.

So if you want to become successful say in online marketing you need to learn all about online marketing and then practice it. Just like if you want to become a successful bodybuilder you need to learn how to – through learning about exercise and diet and putting it into practice. What works for one person may not always work for others but if you learn and understand what is needed, all that is required for you to tweak it to become your own success path.

Whatever area in your life you want to be successful in is most definitely going to require you to work for that success and part of that work will be to learn and then put what you learn into practice. This along with drive and persistence is what you need to succeed in anything and all you do.

You may learn what you need from blogs, books, people you know, people you aspire to be like or those who have gone before you and done what you want to do. It is always a good idea to learn from as many sources as you can to get a well-rounded education in what you want to do.



People learn in many different ways from copying others, learning through their own mistakes and absorbing information from various sources.

What is your learning style? Are you able to absorb all the information presented to you in a video and remember it to put it into practice? Maybe you absorb more information when you read or even need the written process in front of you to put things into practice the first few times. Maybe having a conversation where someone will explain something and you can happily go off and implement their instruction with no issues.

It is good to know your own learning style and ideally you will be able to use a good mixture of learning to help you become successful. It is also worth remembering that you need to be continually learning to become and stay successful. As the world is changing at a faster pace than ever before continuing to learn is now as crucial to already successful people as it is to entrepreneurs starting out on their own journey to success.


Making Time to Learn

Now I know, if you are just starting out you will be wondering how on earth you are going to fit in learning when you are working every spare minute trying to get your business venture off the ground and trying to get it bringing in money. but, it is a must.

Now you may already have undertaken one or two courses to give you the knowledge to get to where you are now in your new venture but you definitely are not going to know everything. While working on your business is super important and sometimes stressful it is always useful to step back now and then and take stock.

Have you put every bit of learning into practice? If not why not? Are you getting too bogged down in concentrating on one aspect of the business? Has anything changed in the sector since you started that you need to now be implementing? This is especially prevalent in online work if you are using SEO to drive custom as this is one thing that is ever-changing and evolving and you need to be keeping up with it in order for your business to keep going forward and succeeding.

I have seen many people get too bogged down in just doing one or two things on repeat thinking that that is all they need to do to get the business moving forward.

For example, a new blogger who now has their website up and running is continually churning out blog post after blog post, as they learned you need to be publishing to your site regularly and need a number of posts on site before you move up the ranks in search engines or get good traffic. So they are spending almost every spare minute writing away then hitting the publish button. They may be spending 30 hours plus writing but are not seeing many visitors or they are getting some visitors but no conversions in sales or sign-ups. That is because they stopped learning, they learned only part of what is needed to have a successful website. If they had continued to learn more they would know that some work is required to help drive traffic to their site through various sources i.e. sharing on social media. They would also know that they need to learn more and take some action on their “call to actions” within their posts. Or as above SEO strategies are changing and google has made changes that mean they are no longer getting decent ranking in search queries.


someone writing in a book


While it may only have taken a day to learn these new skills and say 10 minutes a day to implement them they have instead become stuck in a rut and are leaving “money on the table” so to speak.  See by learning and implementing these few lessons they may have seen their site grow and convert at a much faster pace.

So as you can see making time to learn is a very important part of business and success.

Whether you choose to set aside a little time every day to learn or a few hours a week, the important thing is setting that time aside. It is good practice to factor this into your working week or the hours you spend on your business. Factor it into your timetable and do so in a productive way.

If you know what it is you need to be learning next, write it down and make time to learn it. Sometimes you may want to learn something more in-depth so you have a much better understanding of it and sometimes it will be a completely new subject or method you want to learn. Just always make sure you make time for it. Put it on your to-do list in your diary. If you plan a week or a month ahead, ensure you write down your learning goals and stick to them.

As long as you are willing and committed to learning you will always be improving, yourself as a business person and your business by implementing what you have learned.

So, watch videos, read other peoples work, read books, blogs, tutorials, listen to books, watch what other people are doing right and learn from them. Try to meet up with other like-minded people, those in the same or a similar business model to yourself and listen to what they have to say, share ideas, ask for help.


Learning From Yourself

Like most people, I don’t think we do enough of this. But, learning from yourself and your own trials and errors is a really important tool to utilise.

Take time to reflect on what you have been doing. What has been working well and what not so well? Think about how your time is best spent to get you what you want. Are you setting and meeting your goals in business? If not, why not? What must you change to improve your current situation?

man looking at pinned posts on a wall

Spending time in reflection can help us learn a lot, not only about our business but about ourselves. If we can truly be honest and know both our strong points and weak points we can work on what needs improving and what needs perfecting to allow us to strive forward to success.

Maybe a weakness of yours is posting regularly to social media, yet when you look at analytics you can see it drives a good amount of traffic to your site. What can you do to change this? It may even be the other way. Maybe you spend too much time on social media as you also get distracted while on there posting for your business. Maybe unconsciously you are procrastinating as you know you should be writing or learning and by fooling yourself into believing you are being productive you are in fact avoiding doing tasks you find more difficult or mentally challenging. This can be especially true when you are feeling tired.


Learn from Data and Analytics

Another important area we can learn from is from data and analytics held about our business and what we do. If you are running a website it is important that you have an analytics plugin installed. whether this is on websites or on social media platforms. The information you can gather from this is invaluable. It can also help you make more informed choices when it comes to reaching success.

picture of computer analytics data

It’s not just data from our websites that are important but anywhere our work is shared. If you are like most businesses and share or promote your work online or in social media platforms it is also worth looking at the data and analytics from these sources too.

Looking at data and analytics will show you what is working well for you and what isn’t. This will allow you to focus on creating or replicating what is working for you and whether to improve upon or drop what isn’t working. This can save you valuable time and effort on the road to success.


Appreciating Learning

As you can see from the above paragraphs, learning really is a must when we want to be successful. Now most of us do learn something new every day anyway but when you really focus on learning, both by setting time aside to learn and being meaningful and exact about what you learn it really can give you a great advantage over your competition and put you ahead in due time.

Gain that knowledge and put it into practice, analyse how it is working for you. When you start seeing results related to your learning and implementation of things you will have a better understanding of the importance of it.

Learning will then become second nature, you will seek to learn and grow in yourself and your business capabilities leading you further and further up the path towards success.

Remember you reap what you sow. Put in the effort with anything and you will see the results.

I hope success finds you, sooner rather than later.

5 Steps to Developing Great Writing Habits

Overcoming the Struggle

Do you find writing frustrating or difficult? Do you struggle to just sit down and do it most days?

hands typing on a laptopThis is a common problem for many people starting out in writing or blogging so at least you can take some solace in the fact that you are not alone. This is a common problem for anyone just starting out who wishes to write on a regular basis.

Choosing to write for fun, part-time, full-time, to earn a living or as a profession is a big commitment. Writing takes time and effort and a lot of practice to get to where you want to be as a writer.

Whether you want to write as a blogger, freelance or write and publish your own book it all times time and commitment.

However the more you write the easier it does become. For those just starting out, it can be a very frustrating process from not knowing what you want to write about and coming up with ideas to sitting down and getting those words out. Time is one thing you need and one thing you will need to commit to.

You will need to set time aside to write. Time to write down your ideas and time to put those ideas into blog pieces, stories or articles, whatever it is that you are going to write.

Right now it might sound that time is more important than the writing itself and to some degree that is true as without spending the time practising and perfecting your writing, you will never become good.  Most good writers will tell you that what they wrote at the start of their writing careers is embarrassing to what they now write.

Everyone needs to start somewhere and your time to start is now, well after you finish reading this article!

So now we’ve established that your writing is going to require some time and effort on your part let’s crack on with what steps you should take to start seeing your writing flourish in the next few months.

We are going to look at some steps that you can take to start building both momentum and confidence in your writing.

If you follow some of these basic exercises you may look back in as little as 3 months time and wonder why you used to either avoid it for as long as possible or get yourself so anxious that writers block came knocking.

Writing Daily

Some people find this the most daunting task. Why? They think they need to write something to publish or meaningful every day but that doesn’t need to be the case.hand holding a small clock

10-15 minutes per day writing is really not that hard and it can be completely up to you what it is that you write. The main thing here is to set aside the time to write. You can choose if you want to write about your day, write down ideas for new posts, do a little work on your blog, a few paragraphs for your book. You don’t even need to stick to continue from where you left off the day before, the idea here is just to get into the practice of daily writing.

The same goes for how you write each day. You don’t need to go and sit at a desk or pull your laptop out either. Why not try using an app on your phone or tablet to write. there are many apps out there that will sync with your computer so anything you do write is safely transferred over for you to continue or edit for publishing once complete.

See this article for a few good apps that allow you to write and sync your work.

I personally love using these as it means I can write almost anywhere, you don’t need an internet signal to write only to sync your writing to your computer or laptop. This means I can write while in the car, at the park, waiting to be seen at appointments, wherever I have my phone basically and I have produced some good work this way too.


Writers Block

Many people say they experience writers’ block once they sit down. Does this sound like you?

man sat at laptop holding his headWriters’ block happens for many reasons. You may be putting too much pressure on yourself to get it right the first time. Fear is another factor for writers’ block. Fear of what people may think, fear that it won’t be good enough, fear that nobody will read it.

This happens often when you first start writing, especially if you are going to publishing your work online. The truth is most people won’t really care, if they don’t like it they will just move on to reading something else. We all have to start somewhere and we all produce less than great work at times but guess what? It DOESN’T MATTER! You will get better, if you are writing daily you will get better, you will be constantly learning, constantly improving and that IS what matters.

You need to write and put your work out there or you will never know. And guess what? people will read it and once you see that people are reading it you will get a little confidence boost that will make your writing a little easier. Don’t get me wrong you may also get the odd comment that can give you a little knock but that is life. If everyone liked the same styles of writing it would be a boring world.

If you can’t write about what you planned to sit down and write about, move on to something else. As long as you are writing that is the main thing. Open up another blank document and start something else. A new post, a new chapter, a letter to someone, your future self even, and if you are really struggling write a to-do list or grocery list. Anything as long as your fingers are moving about that keyboard and you are not just sitting in front of a blank screen.


Keep a Note of Your Weekly Word Count

This is a great way of giving yourself a little confidence boost. As we commit to making writing a daily choice it will become easier. You may only set aside 15 minutes per day but find that once you are in front of that screen the words flow and you lose track of time and an hour later you look up to see just how much you have completed and think wow!   Now not every day will be like this but it will happen more the more often you write.jumble of numbers

A great way to keep track of your weekly word count is to use apps or programmes such as Grammarly or Pro Writing Aid, these will keep a track and give you clear insights into your writing. Not only will they keep an accurate wordcount for you but they can be integrated into your taskbar and used across emails, word, google docs, social media apps, within online writing apps too.

I used to love getting my weekly insights from Grammarly as I not only could see my word count growing week on week but also the number of mistakes I made with spelling and grammar reducing.  And not that is a big deal if your spelling and typing ain’t that great but as you get better as a writer and these lessen it means less time editing before publishing which is also a great time saver.


Write Outside Your Comfort Zone Once a Week

This might sound a little strange but it really can get your mind working. Once a week for 10 minutes try writing about something you are not too familiar with. This exercise is also good for helping to overcome writers’ block. Choose a topic you know little about and just write for ten minutes about it. Even if you can’t write directly about it, write what you think, what questions you would ask someone who does know the subject, if it interests you or not.

This may sound strange but often once you get going you realise you know more than you first thought, you just need to give your brain that stimulation. Even if it is a topic from that week’s news. See we subconsciously hear and see lots of information over a week. From TV, radio, snippets of conversations and our brain will soak up that information. This exercise will make you appreciate just how much you know without realising it.


Re-read Your Older Writings or Publications

Now, this may be a little hard if you are just starting out but if you are going to keep the daily writing practice you only need to wait a week in order to do this.

Each week read something that you have written or published in the past. It doesn’t need to be very long, a two or three-minute read will do. letters

Now I want you to think about how you have improved since then. Think back to what you thought when you wrote the piece. Did you think it was good, how long did it take you to write, how much effort went into it, what do you think of it now?

Now if you are just starting out you may not see vast improvements at first but in time you will be able to go back over an older piece of your work and most likely trash it, have a good old laugh or head scratch but the lesson here is to realise just how far you have and are coming as a writer.



So this is 5 easy ways that will help YOU find your writing mojo, allow you to become a better and more proficient writer and help to build your confidence.

Like everything in life if you want it bad enough you will do what it takes to get it. You want to become a writer you must dedicate time to write and work at improving each and every day through practice and persistence.

Choosing The Best Affiliate Programmes

If you are thinking about or have already started a blog, vlog, website of any nature you are at some point going to want to monetise this.

An easy way of monetising your blog or website if through affiliate programmes. These are programmes that you can sign up to and will be paid to advertise and produce sales for them.

Some sites such as Amazon and eBay have their own affiliate programmes while other programmes such as Awin and Paid on Results are intermediary agents for other companies offering affiliate payments.

The key to earning commissions as an affiliate is to make sure you are promoting products that are relevant to your niche and that your readers want. Below I have listed my top 5 affiliate programmes for those looking to start monetising their online business.  Choose who you affiliate with wisely as it is not only the products you will be promoting that are of interest to your readers/clients/followers but for some people, it is also the ethos, integrity and values of the companies making the products.

someone holding a fan of cash


Don’t Jump the Gun

While we are all desperate to see our online businesses start to bring in some cash it is worth noting that you should not jump into signing up for an affiliate programme before your site is able to produce results that will benefit both the advertiser and yourself. Some affiliate companies will drop you if you haven’t made them any sales within a set time frame. Amazon Associates likes to see some sales from you within the first 6 months and while this is not a difficult task be sure your site is seeing a steady stream of visitors before signing up to save this from happening.

While we all want to be monetising our sites as quickly as possible there are things that you need to take into consideration before signing up to these programmes.

You need a steady or growing amount of website visitors. If you are blogging it takes an estimate of around 40 blogs for you to be ranking well on search engines and gaining regular amounts of visits to your site. Remember that not everyone who visits your site will click on your links and even those that do will not always make a purchase.

Your links and advertising on your site should match your chosen niche. People who are visiting a website about fishing are hardly going to click on a link or advert that is for makeup!


traffic data on computer screen
Traffic first, then commissions.

Useful Affiliate Programmes


Awin has thousands of advertisers on its programme from a variety of sectors and countries. You need to sign up for each website you own and will apply to advertiser separately. You can also create a profile for each website you own that will allow advertisers to reach out to you if they think your site is a good fit for their company and/or products.

Each company that is registered within Awin has its own rules and policies for becoming a publisher with them and these are clearly laid out before you join.

The dashboard at Awin is easy to navigate and it will show you all your earnings in one place while also allowing you to break this down into individual advertisers which is helpful.  They also show the number of clicks through your site as well as purchases made through clicks.



Amazon Associates is a very popular affiliate site for people just starting out in their business venture to sign up to. As we all know most people have purchased a product off of Amazon at some point since it started. Again each of your sites must be listed separately within the Amazon Associates programme. While Amazon offers a diverse array of things to purchase what you list on your site should be relevant to your niche.

It is also worth noting that while people may not always buy the things that you have linked to if they land on Amazon through your link then purchase other items you may still earn a commission on these items. This is true for most affiliate programmes and this is done with the help of “cookies”.


Paid on Results

Paid on Results, like Awin has a growing number of businesses that you can become an affiliate for in a variety of niches.  You can simply create an account and browse the merchants (businesses) offering affiliate programmes and request to join that you think will work well in your chosen niche.

Paid on Results has a nice clean control panel and is easy to navigate. Your control panel allows you to see how many merchants you have joined, your revenue and new merchants as well as being able to browse all creative links, feeds, voucher offers and products.



Similarly to Amazon, eBay has its own affiliate programme called the eBay Partner Network and again this site sells items from across many niches and from many companies.  Ebay Partner Network is also easy to sign up to and work with. It has a clear structure and interface although unlike some other affiliate programmes a purchase needs to be made through your link within 24 hours in order for you to qualify for a commission on it.



Clickbank is a favourite for many affiliates and some affiliates earn a full time living working only with Clickbank and may base their business around it. This is done more through email marketing than via websites, blog sites and such although you can integrate many of their items, niche dependant, on your site. However, Clickbank is better known for promoting digital products rather than physical products. This allows them to pay out higher commissions too.


My Top 5

These are my Top 5 recommended affiliate sites to get anyone started who would like to monetize their online ventures. I have used all 5 sites with varying success since I started online. Now there are many other programmes you can join and you will find these by simply doing a search online.  I have chosen these as they are easy to navigate and suit many niches, so there should be something for everyone within these 5.

As stated above it is always better to wait until you have a steady stream of daily visitors to your site before signing up to affiliate programmes. This will ensure that you better meet the requirements, of the merchant/advertiser, should there be any about making sales in the first few months.

This will also stop you from becoming disheartened as it can be frustrating when you are waiting on that little bit of could news to say “you have earned commission on …”.  When you have a steady flow of traffic this will come much sooner and easier for you. Once you have earned your first commission you will be eager to earn more and this really does give you a boost.

Best of Success to You.

Best Phone Apps to Boost Your Business Productivity

These days everyone tends to own and use smartphones, but do you use your phone in smart ways?

In this article, I’m going to share with you some phone apps that can really help to boost your business productivity.

We all tend to have our phones with us for most of the day and checking in and using these apps can make big differences both on how we organise our work and upping our productivity levels a notch. This can make a huge difference when it comes to staying ahead of our competitors.


See, there are many times throughout the day where we are waiting on something, wasting time. It could be while waiting on or travelling on a bus, waiting on an appointment, on work breaks from your day job and it has been known for many to use these whilst on the throne (bathroom visits). These are the times when these apps can be really useful. As these otherwise wasted minutes can be put to use and become productive and help you drive your business forward.

Keep App

I frequently use Keep app as it was the first one I used and have simply kept on using it.  Keep app allows you to write, take notes, lists, screenshots and pictures and as it is a google app it syncs straight with your computer.lightbulb idea drawn on post-it

This is great for when out and about and you get an idea for a title or the makings of a blog post. These types of apps make it easy to take note and start writing there and then before the idea goes out your head.

I have used Keep app to write almost full blog posts and emails while away from my computer and then simply transfer them at a later time. In fact, I started this post on my phone with the Keep App.

A clean, simple easy to use app.



Evernote similarly to Keep app is great for when out and about or away from your computer. This Microsoft Windows app will sync with your computer allowing you to take notes, save pictures, insert links, record in audio and much more.

Evernote comes with 3 plans.

Evernote Basic- free –  use to take notes and have them sync straight to your computer.

Evernote Premium – paid – use to organise yourself and your work. Take notes, make lists and organise your work schedule.

Evernote Business -paid per person – if you are in business with others this will allow you to share ideas and work seamlessly within a team.


TodoistTo-Do Lists

If you are looking for an app to help you keep on top of everything and make your to-do lists look seamless Todoist is a great app. It has a simple and clean design so it is easy to use and navigate, meaning that keeping on top of everything you need to do is clear and appears effortless.

You can use all the basic features for free or choose an upgrade at just over £20 for the year, meaning it is much cheaper than other competitive apps out there.

You can set reminders and deadlines to help you get everything done on time and in an orderly fashion.



lastpass logoNow one thing you want when in business is something that is going to keep all your passwords secure. This is exactly what Lastpass* does and this can be used across several devices. Lastpass* will store and fill in all passwords and or information quickly and securely for the sites you use, it will create unique passwords for you at the touch of a button and help to keep all your online activity as safe as possible.

I find this an invaluable tool as it means no more carrying a notebook or using the same password across several sites which many people are prone to doing and one of the most common problems when your identity is stolen or your accounts hacked.

You simply need to remember only one password and that is for Lastpass* as it will remember the rest for you.

It will also store other information for you such as bank details, card details and addresses.


So once you start generating an income with your online business you are going to want to look after those earnings in a quick and easy fashion.

Quickbooks is a clear and easy to use app for keeping on top of your income as well as outgoings. It will allow you to create invoices, store receipts and track your business cash flow all in one place.

You can try QuickBooks free for 30 days then chose a pricing plan that best suits your business needs.


Social Media Appssocial media icons

Most of us today have social media apps on our phones. But, if you are going to try and build a brand for your business and use such social media sites to promote your work and business your phone is the best place to have them. This allows you to reply to people quickly and efficiently no matter where you are.

Social media apps are great for growing a following or getting people to visit your site. You can share all your new work through your social media platforms. From new blog posts to your newly created programme that you want to showcase to the world, social media platforms are a great way to generate traffic for your business.

Apps like Instagram are phone-based apps anyway. The one thing you do need to be careful of is constantly checking your phone whilst at your computer working. For this reason, it is best to set 2 or 3 times a day where you will check your social media apps and reply to anyone who has been in touch.

Have a Smarter Smartphone for Business

I hope that by using your smartphone in a smarter way, using some simple phone apps that it will help to make your life that little bit easier and your work life that little more productive that it allows your business to grow at a faster rate and have you earning the income you desire a little sooner than predicted.

How To Choose The Right Niche

lightbox with "think outside the box" written on itStarting Out Online

If you are looking to start your own business online or make money online, you need to know what it is you want to be offering your customers or clients before you start. Are you going to offer a wide variety or are you going to zone in and offer a specific thing?

So whether you are looking at getting into bogging, affiliate marketing, online stores, informational websites or any other online business you will often hear about choosing your niche.

Now, don’t get me wrong many people work across many niches, but when starting out is a better idea to choose one and concentrate on that until it is providing you with an income before moving into another niche. This also allows you to learn and make mistakes in just one area or sector of your business.

Then when or if you decide to start a second online business you will know exactly what NOT to do and setting up this second online income stream will be easier, less frustrating and have you earning your second income more quickly.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a subject or topic that your business will become based around. Some of the most popular niches are diet and weight loss, making money, exercise and niches rising in popularity are homesteading, CBD and hemp products.

So, you may choose a niche that you are already knowledgable in or you may decide to choose something completely new to you and learn as you go. The choice is completely yours.

Now once you have chosen a niche it is also important to decide if you want to cover in broad or narrow terms.  This means are you going to just cover the niche in general or are you going to narrow it down to a specific area within that niche and specialize in that.

Take for instance “camping” as a niche. Are you going to go broad and cover every aspect of camping or are you going to narrow it right to “camping in canvas tents”, “hammock camping” or “off-grid camping”. See when you start to narrow down your niche to specifics you are going to attract, mainly, only an audience interested in that type of camping to your online business. An audience who are interested in that specific style and who are interested in what you have to say or you are going to be offering. An audience who possibly already have that as an interest and are going to be ready to part with their money on your offers or promotions.

Types of Niches

Now it is also important to understand that there are a few types of niches and this is also something you need to consider when choosing your niche.  If you are looking for supplementary income then seasonal or fad niches can work but if you are looking to make a steady income an evergreen niche would likely be your first choice. You can always branch into fun seasonal and fad niches at a later time when your income is more steady.


Seasonal Niches

There is many seasonal niches, meaning niches that will be more popular depending on the time of year or seasons. Like the example used above, camping would be a seasonal niche. Now there are people who camp all year but, for the majority this a seasonal thing. So while this may gain lots of interest and make money during say late spring to early autumn it will probably not provide you with a consistent income.


Fad Niches

Another type of niche is a fad niche. This is when something has become popular or is fashionable for a short-lived period.  This can often be items such as kids toys or the latest fashion accessory. Similarly to the seasonal niche, this will not provide a steady year-round income. Although these may be great “fun” niches and have the possibility to make a good income from if you get in quick, this will only be short-lived income.


Evergreen Niches

Now, these are the steady, year-round income providing niches that most online business people like to work within. These are the niches that no matter what time of year is, and because people are always interested in or need, never go out of fashion. The people who come and use or who are attracted to your business may change, but there will always be a good audience for you to provide for.

Before you even start an online business of any kind it is important that you know exactly what it is you want to offer your audience and this is for the following reasons.

> It is easier to come up with a business plan, set goals and discover the best ideas to help you reach your desired outcome.

> It provides you with a clear idea of what you need to be doing and offering your customers. It is all too easy to go off track if you are unclear of what it is you want to offer and can result in lots of unnecessary work for you.

> You want to make it clear to anyone visiting your business, online store, website or blog what it is you offer. This ensures you are attracting the right kind of people.


Define Your Niche Early for Success

So choosing your niche early on is a vital part of having success quickly in an online business.success loading picture

Now it doesn’t matter if you want to blog, vlog (video blog), teach or educate people on your chosen subject matter. By becoming an affiliate partner of companies who sell items related to your chosen subject is a good way for those starting out in their online business to make money.

You have no products of your own to stock, no touching or playing middle man you simply get a commission every time someone buys through YOUR affiliate link.


Another way to earn online income is to create something of your own to sell, within a niche, to your audience or customers, although this is a little more difficult and time-consuming at first, you are in control.

This is often done by people who are already experienced in online business or who have a target audience already that they can promote their own product too.

I hope this helps give a little more understanding of niches and where to start in your online venture. I do suggest that you take your time in choosing and give it plenty of thought and research as once you have chosen your niche you can be pretty much committed! Getting your online business up and running is time-consuming and a big commitment as it may take a few months before you start to see the results you want. But, perseverance is key. Keep at it and you will get there.

Good Luck and May Success be Your Friend


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