Creating Your Success 5 Seconds at a Time

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Do you want success but struggle to get things done? Are you a procrastinator? Do you struggle to find motivation? Or are you just getting started on your road to success and want to know how to speed things up a little?

Wherever you are on your road to success if you’re feeling underwhelmed by it all and/or struggling this post may be just what you need to read. That you can become successful or speed up your path to success by using this 5-second rule.

For about a year I have been worked on my online business’ sporadically, really struggling to find the time, energy or drive to be pushing forward with things in the way I wanted.

There was always something getting in my way or things happening that knocked me off-track. Family commitments, health, phases of doubt and fear and at times even laziness.

You see I was always on the go and sometimes I just needed that little bit of time to myself to relax but the end result was – I was not where I wanted to be within my business at the end of the year and felt guilt and shame for allowing other things to get in my way.

Do’s this sound like you and your situation? If so, please keep reading.

Focusing on Your Success

You see coming up to the end of my first year of having an online business I was not where I wanted to be and was feeling guilt and shame as I knew I could have worked harder and done more than I had done throughout the year.

So, what I did was make a commitment to myself that this would not happen again the following year.

I took some time to reflect on what I really wanted and where I really wanted to be in life. My desire to free myself from mindless employment by someone else was still there at the top of my list. So, I decided to start setting some major goals and strategies that would allow me to have the greatest year possible and make huge strides in leaving the “JOB”.

One of the strategies for reaching this goal was to further educate myself by having a solid reading list for the year ahead.

It is a well-known fact nowadays that powerful and successful people read a lot. Many successful business people read as many as 50+ books a year. Now unless I made a full-time job of reading that many books were too many for me to consume, that was, until I remembered Audible!

So, I signed up again. I had used audible many years before for leisure and to try to learn Danish! (I never learned any by the way) then I downloaded a few books. Now the books I bought weren’t just random purchases. I had gone online and looked at the top 50 books that business people and entrepreneurs were reading. The first 3 I purchased were Gary Vaynerchuk – Crushing it! Grant Cardone – The 10X Rule and Mel Robbins – The 5-Second Rule.

Who is Mel Robbins?

Mel Robbins holding her book

Mel is an author, TV host, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, CEO and co-founder of The Confidence project to name but a few.

Robbins discovered -The 5-Second Rule when she was going through a particularly difficult time in her own life and has since spoken to and helped thousands of other people make changes and take charge of their own lives.

Mel’s “5-second rule” has also been backed by scientific claims as to it’s effectiveness and the reasons of why it works so well for people. By counting down 5,4,3,2,1 it sends a message to the frontal cortex of the brain to assert control and take action on your thought.

The 5-Second Rule

This rule is basically a rule that allows you to accomplish more in your any aspect of your life. If there is something you need to do, even things that bring you doubt, fear, anxiety or uncertainty the rule remains the same. You simply count down 5,4,3,2,1 then move and take action or do the thing you need to do.

Now I think most of us who are or who have been indulgent in procrastination at some point will agree that overthinking kills positive action. We can spend all day thinking of just one thing that we need to do in order for us to make positive progress but never actually take the action needed to complete the task.

Now one thing you need to remember is to count backwards so it remains at 5 seconds. If you could upwards you could just continue counting and get nowhere. Over time counting backwards or countdowns have been used to take action e.g. 3,2,1 GO or 5,4,3,2,1 WE HAVE LIFTOFF! And, when you read or listen to the book you will learn how this is how Mel came up with the idea.

5 Second Countdown

Now the 5-second rule will, if you use it allows you to get things started. Getting things started seems to be half the battle. Once we have started a task, we are more than likely want to get it finished. When I get an idea, I write it down. Now if I am able to, I will also make a start on it. If it’s a new blog post, I will open the computer and even just write a few quick sentences and save it to work on later.

My own productivity more than doubled in the first week of using this rule or one of my now habits. As I continue to use it I am seeing weekly improvement in productivity and reaching my short term goal more easily and this is allowing me to set myself bigger goals.

I am more likely to then go back and finish writing this that starting to work on something else and up with lots of unfinished work. This also allows me to focus and put my best effort into the task at hand. I find if I am concentrating on one thing my brain stays focused and slows down a little. Whereas, when I am just sitting thinking or doing boring non-work-related chores my mind tends to wonder and doubt can creep in before I start. If the task is already started, I am focused on how and when I will complete it.

Trying it for Yourself

I suggest, no in fact I urge you to try out this technique over the next few days and see for yourself how it can have an impact on your own productivity. If you can keep a track of your productivity.

I’d suggest buying the book in whatever format suits your own needs or check “Mel Robbins – The 5-Second Rule” out on YouTube.

This 5-second rule is only the beginning of what you will learn from Mel and her book. There are also many other things discussed that you will be able to take away and put into action in your own life that will help you to succeed and reach your success quicker and with more confidence.

Sometimes even the small day to day tasks that we hate doing stands in our way and stops us having the time needed to dedicate ourselves to reaching our goals and successes. Get them out you way and then make your way to success.


So, go on, use it and be the best version of you and create the success you deserve.

14 thoughts on “Creating Your Success 5 Seconds at a Time”

  1. Hi Michelle – thanks for sharing this informative article. It’s certainly a catchy headline, so I was intrigued to see what it was all about. I am guilty of going off-track and finding something else to do when I should be concentrating on the task at hand. I will definitely give this a go and have bookmarked the YouTube video to listen to at a later date to make sure I have totally grasped the concept. All the best, Diane 

    • Thanks Diane and I really hope it helps you in the future.  I know the full audiobook is available on Youtube which is a bonus.

  2. What an interesting technique – I wonder how she managed to stumble upon it in the first place (she must have been struggling with something big time!). 

    Can I ask how long you have been using this five second rule yourself and what have you been using it for? Have you used it for business or work…and does it work for you?

    • Hi Chris and thanks for question.  Yes i have been using this rule for about 9 months now and use it both in achieving business goals and getting everyday tasks done.  Whether it’s a spot of DIY, making phone calls, writing or even exercise(which i can’t be bother with most of the time).

      What I have found even better though is that the more you use it tthe less you think about it.  It almost becomes habit, most of the time i now simply think “right let’s go” and get up do things it is now only with the really difficult tasks that i still use the count down.

      oh and btw the thought came to her while watching a rocket take off on tv and she decided the next morning that was how she was getting up. 5,4,3,2,1 and launched herself out of bed.  That one idea has turned her life around in such a big way and helped thousands of others too.

  3. I have not read the book  by Mel Robbins but I will make it my priority to get It has allot of ideas and the motivation to make  me work hard and be taking  my 5  seconds at time each day and every day that way I will achieve what I want to. In life  this is very insightful. Article which will be taken very seriously by me  so  we can be getting the ideas of where to get those great books

    • Good for you Charles, it is important that we go after what we want in life and any little way which makes this easier can only be a good thing.

      Wishing you happy reading or listening whichever way you choose to get the information.

  4. This post is certainly about me. I feel overwhelmed on a daily basis because of all the tasks and hurdles I need to scale. I started so many online businesses at a time and hardly have time to concentrate on one. Over the years it seems I was just throwing money away without achieving real success. Due to my health challenges, I am unable to hold a regular job, but I still feel burned out as if I were in a regular 9-5 job. Thanks for sharing the 5-Second Rule. I still have to confess this: I have so many books downloaded in my hard drive over the years that I haven’t had time to read. Will adding the 5-Second Book to this list not increase my guilt, if I don’t find the motivation to complete reading it?

    • Hi Phranel

      As I stated in the above comment to Diane this is available on YouTube if you are able to spend the time listening.  I can assure that it will help your productivity and focus even if it can’t solve all your problems it will surely solve a few.

      I really hope you get on top of things as it sounds as if you really need a few successes to get your mojo back.

      Good luck with all your businesses

  5. Hey Michelle,

    Great article! This is the first time l heard about the book 5-second rule by Mel Robbins and will definitely get one for me.

    I want to try this technique as l am really struggling to find the time, energy and motivation to push myself to get things done especially on my online business. I always find excuses to delay my assignment/project and at the end l blame myself for not having time. I just want to get rid of this procrastination and be productive forever.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable article.

    • Hi Shui, 

      you sound in the very place I was before I started taking action and holding myself accountable.  The books in the post were certainly a big factor for me getting on track.

      Wishing you success and big action for the future

  6. Hi Michelle,

    First off, let me just say, I know your struggle! I have had my website up and running for a few months now and it is definitely difficult to be consistent with my writing. 

    I am also a big fan of Audible and actually had a couple of credits free so I have purchased the 5 second rule and the 10x rule (so many rules lol) and I will let you know if it helps me with my procrastination / over-thinking.

    Thanks for the article


    • Hi Simon and well done on taking steps towards your goal by getting the books.  I love audible as it allows me to learn almost anywhere at any time.  Really hope you get a lot from it and take some massive action towards success this year.


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