How to Set Goals and Achieve Them – In 5 Steps

What is your dream? Will it only ever be a dream? Read on to find out how you can make your dreams a reality by goal setting.

Setting A Goal

All successful people set goals, whether they are business people or athletes, they are always working towards a goal.  Setting goals help to motivate us and keep us moving forward and progressing in our chosen field.

There is a saying “A dream is just a dream. A GOAL is a dream with a plan and a deadline”

If you want to be successful it is important to set goals and continually work towards them.

No goal is too big or too small. 

When choosing your goal, you will need to set aside some quiet time where you can sit and reflect. Think about what you want.  What you really want.  The result will be your goal.  Whether that is to make X amount of money or become a leader in your chosen field that will be your goal.

Write down your goal and give a realistic timescale for achieving this.

Don’t worry about the size of your goal as you will break this down into many smaller goals that you will achieve on your way to your big goal.

Break it Down

Now you have your GOAL you must break it down to smaller steps. If you try and reach a big goal in one big step or leap you are going to become frustrated or impatient and time after time this leads to most people giving up on their goal. Be smarter than other goal setters by setting SMART goals.

By breaking your main goal into smaller goals, it means that you will achieve small successes and celebrations along the way while all the time working to your main goal.

 The best way to break down these goals is to look at the goal and break it down into small manageable steps that will enable you to work towards reaching your goal.

For each smaller step it is best if you can break them down into SMART Goals.  This acronym stands for:

Specific – make each goal specific. Make your goal very clear.

Measurable – ensure you can measure your goal.

Achievable – is your goal achievable? This should be tied in with the 5th part – time bound.

Relevant – is this goal relevant to your main goal, will it help you to work towards it.

Time Bound – set a time scale for achieving your goal, again, be realistic with this.

You can find some examples of smart goals at you will also find a good template for your own on the page.

Committing to Your Goals

Now you need to make a commitment to reaching your overall goal. Give this a timescale and take this into consideration when setting your smaller goals. All your smaller goals timescales added together should be equal to the time you want to take to reach your overall goal.

 Now it would be best to break this down further into aneveryday time where possible.  This can even be 30 minutes to an hour each day and a few hours on the weekend.  The main objective here is to ensure you are constantly working towards  your goal

hard work and commitment = success
Hard work and commitment are always the key to success

Setting aside time each day creates good habits and these can be built on as time goes by.  Creating good habits in business can lead to great things. 

From being more productive to learning to manage your time more effectively.  Every positive habit you form will, in turn, help you build a stronger link towards reaching your goal.


Now, most people find this difficult to do if they are working on a personal goal or are starting in business for themselves.  There are ways around this but one of the most important things is to seriously commit to yourself.  After all, to reach your goals, you are investing in yourself. To learn, to grow, to move forward towards your BIG goal.

Ask your partner to support and help hold you accountable.  If you are part of a community or have business friends speak to them about helping hold you accountable.  You could also do the same for them.  A weekly or monthly progress check-in with someone can be most beneficial and if it someone who is working on their own goals, both will benefit.

There are also many apps out there now available for apple and android phones, tablets, desktops. These are also good for keeping track of your goals and most allow you to run many goals at the same time.  Since building a business is a multi-dimensional task, being able to run several goals at one time, being held accountable for each and able to track your progress is a great benefit.

Joe’s Goals –this is a basic but an easy to use app that will allow you to set multiple goals and keep track of them.

Goals On Track –this is a really great place for keeping all your goals together.  There is a charge for using this, but it is minimal compared to what you will get.  You will be able to set multiple goals, add vision boards and track all your stuff in one place.

ToodleDo – this not only allows you to set tasks or goals but you are also able to make lists, take long notes and form good habits too.  ToodleDo is great if you want to link up with others, share stuff or hold each other accountable.  If you have a business partner this is a great app to help everyone stay on track.

Have a look around and find one that covers as much as you need it too or spend a few days trying out different apps to find which one is most suited to you.  It may feel as if you are wasting a lot of time initially but if you find one that really suits you will benefit greatly from it.

These will save you time remembering what you’ve done towards each goal and putting it on paper.

I used to have my goals on paper and I was forever printing out updates as I worked through the tasks and smaller goals that it just made more sense to use an app and have everything in one place.

Celebrate Small Successes

Celebrate each small success along the way.  Each goal you achieve and each positive move forward, whether it is one you have worked towards or one that has come by chance.  By having small celebrations, it will keep you motivated and determined to stay on track and keep pushing forward.


It is entirely up to you how you celebrate.  You may want to let your hair down and head out with some mates or buy yourself something nice.  You may also want to tie in little treats and celebrations to individual goals.  Choose things that will make you feel good and are positive.

8 thoughts on “How to Set Goals and Achieve Them – In 5 Steps”

  1. Hello Michelle, I like this post. Having been a Planner in one of my employment positions, I fully understand and totally agree that any business requires a plan with deadlines. It makes it so much easier to measure the journey and what you have accomplished. I like your opening saying and is so very true. The only thing I did not see in your post that I have found crucial to implementing a successful plan is having Key Performance Indicators (KPI). They provide you with a way to determine if you have actually achieved the goal.

    • Hi Harvey and thank you for your comment.  You are correct that I did not mention this as I feel that it can take some people a little time to get used to setting goals and wanted this to be more based on general goal setting and not solely on business goals.

      You are totally right about Performance Indicators and I know that they can work in non business goal setting but that be for a more in-depth look at goal planning, setting and achieving.

  2. Good subject for discussion. I particularly liked the sentence “a goal is a dream with a plan and a time limit!” I think it resumes what your life should be.

    If you have a dream, make it into a goal, break it down to smaller pieces and work your way bit by bit.

    Don’t stay put complaining because life will pass right trough you!

    • Nicely put Bruno, and thanks for reading.  We should always be aiming to move forward with our lives whether through dreams and goals or self improvement.

  3. Michelle first of all I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to write this post. I think you were a truly amazing writer / author. Best blog really hits home for me. I really love making goals in my life it is help to me but many things. From business two-family to leisure. Life goals are a must in my life. And the way that you explained the order in which two write and Achieve goals was truly a treat for me to read. I absolutely love the quotes that you put in. Quotation” a dream is just a dream but a goal is a dream with a deadline”. That in itself is truly a work of art and it rains so true in my life and I’m sure in the life of many other people that are going to be reading this. I absolutely love the way you break down” smart goals”. I have never seen this example before. I absolutely love it and will definitely use it in the future. You truly have created a fantastic blog here and I think it’s going to touch many lives thank you so much. And my question to you is do you set goals in your everyday life or just in the business aspect of your life? Because like I said I set goals in every part of my life and it has had a dramatic change for me. Thank you so much again for writing this post. Yours truly, Mike Trueblood

    • Thank you for your kind words Mike, I am glad this resonated with you and hopefully it will help you with your own goals. 

      Yes I set goals in every aspect of my own life and find it a fascinating subject.  My goals can be as short as daily goals to ones that may take a year.  I find if I set goals to work towards it not only motivates me and keeps me on track but it also gives me a great sense of achievement once I complete them.

      I still work on mastering and defining my own goals on almost a daily basis.

  4. Hello there,

    thanks You for such informative and inspiring article, I truly enjoyed reading it and found it to be helpful. As far as setting Your goals and achieving them goes, it is a very challenging task to complete, however the most hard & challenging paths in life lead to the most fulfilling & happy moments a person can experience! One of the hardest steps in achieving these set goals is to actually start this whole process. It requires a lot of courage and confidence to get Your shit together and start working towards Your goals in life. However, for me personally the hardest part is not the start, but actually picking Yourself back up when You feel like giving up & not believing in Yourself. There will be lots of ups & downs during the road  which You take to get to those goals, and there might be moments when a person will hit a rock-bottom and will end up being on the edge of walking away or further continuing his, or her journey. The moment when you hit a rock bottom is one of the most disgusting, depressing and destructive feelings that a person can experience. It’s simply the worst. However, these kind of moments is what truly defines what You are made off as well as Your commitment to this path which You chose to go, how bad You want to achieve Your goals, how far are You willing to go to get there, what kind of commitment and hard work You are willing to put in all of this. Picking Yourself up from such mess requires a lot of discipline, courage, commitment, and dedication. And let me tell You this- If You are able to get back on Your feet and continue to fight, than You can achieve absolutely everything in life. The moment when You will get back on Your feet will be one of the best & most magnificent feelings of Your life, which will fill You with positivity, motivation & energy. It will give You the power You couldn’t even imagine that You could posses one day. This moment will be Your best ”fuel for Your engine”. And it will sure as hell be the best source for motivation & confidence any person could ask for. Remember- the only barriers which we meet and struggle with during our life, are the ones which we create ourselves. I wish everybody to never give up & never stop fighting for what You believe and what You desire. You can make it through the storm because You have everything what it takes to do so, You just have to keep trying and working hard.

    Thanks for such beautiful article and keep up the great work!

    • Wow and thank you for this.  I understand that goals can be difficult for many people and as you say life’s ups and downs are especially difficult.

      I believe that everyone has what it takes to become the person they want to be.  We truly are a magnificent species and are born with everything we need to succeed in life.  Belief, education and goals are a sure fire way to get you  there quicker.

      If you or anyone else would like some daily motivation why not join me on Instagram @workuponline.

      We can all help support and encourage each other.


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