Learn to Become Successful

Everyone wants to become successful, right?

Well, yes!  Well, read on to find out how you can learn to become successful.

Everyone wants success in their life in one way or another, everyone wants to succeed at something. Now not everyone wants success in the same way and everyone measures success differently. What you see and think as success is not always what the person next to you thinks or sees as success.


What is Success?

For most when you think about success you think about wealth. Nothing wrong with that and if that is how you see success that is what you will be aiming for. Just as those who see success as owning your own business or selling your own products will be aiming to do just that.

You see success is a very individual concept but the path to having that success is very much the same, you need to learn. Some people see success as money, owning a business, having their children flourish, owning a homestead and living off-grid, travelling the world. Success is as individual as the person who dreams of that success. For this reason, there is no simple and easy path to success as the path will also be as individual for each person as the thought of their success story.

So if you want to become successful say in online marketing you need to learn all about online marketing and then practice it. Just like if you want to become a successful bodybuilder you need to learn how to – through learning about exercise and diet and putting it into practice. What works for one person may not always work for others but if you learn and understand what is needed, all that is required for you to tweak it to become your own success path.

Whatever area in your life you want to be successful in is most definitely going to require you to work for that success and part of that work will be to learn and then put what you learn into practice. This along with drive and persistence is what you need to succeed in anything and all you do.

You may learn what you need from blogs, books, people you know, people you aspire to be like or those who have gone before you and done what you want to do. It is always a good idea to learn from as many sources as you can to get a well-rounded education in what you want to do.



People learn in many different ways from copying others, learning through their own mistakes and absorbing information from various sources.

What is your learning style? Are you able to absorb all the information presented to you in a video and remember it to put it into practice? Maybe you absorb more information when you read or even need the written process in front of you to put things into practice the first few times. Maybe having a conversation where someone will explain something and you can happily go off and implement their instruction with no issues.

It is good to know your own learning style and ideally you will be able to use a good mixture of learning to help you become successful. It is also worth remembering that you need to be continually learning to become and stay successful. As the world is changing at a faster pace than ever before continuing to learn is now as crucial to already successful people as it is to entrepreneurs starting out on their own journey to success.


Making Time to Learn

Now I know, if you are just starting out you will be wondering how on earth you are going to fit in learning when you are working every spare minute trying to get your business venture off the ground and trying to get it bringing in money. but, it is a must.

Now you may already have undertaken one or two courses to give you the knowledge to get to where you are now in your new venture but you definitely are not going to know everything. While working on your business is super important and sometimes stressful it is always useful to step back now and then and take stock.

Have you put every bit of learning into practice? If not why not? Are you getting too bogged down in concentrating on one aspect of the business? Has anything changed in the sector since you started that you need to now be implementing? This is especially prevalent in online work if you are using SEO to drive custom as this is one thing that is ever-changing and evolving and you need to be keeping up with it in order for your business to keep going forward and succeeding.

I have seen many people get too bogged down in just doing one or two things on repeat thinking that that is all they need to do to get the business moving forward.

For example, a new blogger who now has their website up and running is continually churning out blog post after blog post, as they learned you need to be publishing to your site regularly and need a number of posts on site before you move up the ranks in search engines or get good traffic. So they are spending almost every spare minute writing away then hitting the publish button. They may be spending 30 hours plus writing but are not seeing many visitors or they are getting some visitors but no conversions in sales or sign-ups. That is because they stopped learning, they learned only part of what is needed to have a successful website. If they had continued to learn more they would know that some work is required to help drive traffic to their site through various sources i.e. sharing on social media. They would also know that they need to learn more and take some action on their “call to actions” within their posts. Or as above SEO strategies are changing and google has made changes that mean they are no longer getting decent ranking in search queries.


someone writing in a book


While it may only have taken a day to learn these new skills and say 10 minutes a day to implement them they have instead become stuck in a rut and are leaving “money on the table” so to speak.  See by learning and implementing these few lessons they may have seen their site grow and convert at a much faster pace.

So as you can see making time to learn is a very important part of business and success.

Whether you choose to set aside a little time every day to learn or a few hours a week, the important thing is setting that time aside. It is good practice to factor this into your working week or the hours you spend on your business. Factor it into your timetable and do so in a productive way.

If you know what it is you need to be learning next, write it down and make time to learn it. Sometimes you may want to learn something more in-depth so you have a much better understanding of it and sometimes it will be a completely new subject or method you want to learn. Just always make sure you make time for it. Put it on your to-do list in your diary. If you plan a week or a month ahead, ensure you write down your learning goals and stick to them.

As long as you are willing and committed to learning you will always be improving, yourself as a business person and your business by implementing what you have learned.

So, watch videos, read other peoples work, read books, blogs, tutorials, listen to books, watch what other people are doing right and learn from them. Try to meet up with other like-minded people, those in the same or a similar business model to yourself and listen to what they have to say, share ideas, ask for help.


Learning From Yourself

Like most people, I don’t think we do enough of this. But, learning from yourself and your own trials and errors is a really important tool to utilise.

Take time to reflect on what you have been doing. What has been working well and what not so well? Think about how your time is best spent to get you what you want. Are you setting and meeting your goals in business? If not, why not? What must you change to improve your current situation?

man looking at pinned posts on a wall

Spending time in reflection can help us learn a lot, not only about our business but about ourselves. If we can truly be honest and know both our strong points and weak points we can work on what needs improving and what needs perfecting to allow us to strive forward to success.

Maybe a weakness of yours is posting regularly to social media, yet when you look at analytics you can see it drives a good amount of traffic to your site. What can you do to change this? It may even be the other way. Maybe you spend too much time on social media as you also get distracted while on there posting for your business. Maybe unconsciously you are procrastinating as you know you should be writing or learning and by fooling yourself into believing you are being productive you are in fact avoiding doing tasks you find more difficult or mentally challenging. This can be especially true when you are feeling tired.


Learn from Data and Analytics

Another important area we can learn from is from data and analytics held about our business and what we do. If you are running a website it is important that you have an analytics plugin installed. whether this is on websites or on social media platforms. The information you can gather from this is invaluable. It can also help you make more informed choices when it comes to reaching success.

picture of computer analytics data

It’s not just data from our websites that are important but anywhere our work is shared. If you are like most businesses and share or promote your work online or in social media platforms it is also worth looking at the data and analytics from these sources too.

Looking at data and analytics will show you what is working well for you and what isn’t. This will allow you to focus on creating or replicating what is working for you and whether to improve upon or drop what isn’t working. This can save you valuable time and effort on the road to success.


Appreciating Learning

As you can see from the above paragraphs, learning really is a must when we want to be successful. Now most of us do learn something new every day anyway but when you really focus on learning, both by setting time aside to learn and being meaningful and exact about what you learn it really can give you a great advantage over your competition and put you ahead in due time.

Gain that knowledge and put it into practice, analyse how it is working for you. When you start seeing results related to your learning and implementation of things you will have a better understanding of the importance of it.

Learning will then become second nature, you will seek to learn and grow in yourself and your business capabilities leading you further and further up the path towards success.

Remember you reap what you sow. Put in the effort with anything and you will see the results.

I hope success finds you, sooner rather than later.

5 Steps to Developing Great Writing Habits

Overcoming the Struggle

Do you find writing frustrating or difficult? Do you struggle to just sit down and do it most days?

hands typing on a laptopThis is a common problem for many people starting out in writing or blogging so at least you can take some solace in the fact that you are not alone. This is a common problem for anyone just starting out who wishes to write on a regular basis.

Choosing to write for fun, part-time, full-time, to earn a living or as a profession is a big commitment. Writing takes time and effort and a lot of practice to get to where you want to be as a writer.

Whether you want to write as a blogger, freelance or write and publish your own book it all times time and commitment.

However the more you write the easier it does become. For those just starting out, it can be a very frustrating process from not knowing what you want to write about and coming up with ideas to sitting down and getting those words out. Time is one thing you need and one thing you will need to commit to.

You will need to set time aside to write. Time to write down your ideas and time to put those ideas into blog pieces, stories or articles, whatever it is that you are going to write.

Right now it might sound that time is more important than the writing itself and to some degree that is true as without spending the time practising and perfecting your writing, you will never become good.  Most good writers will tell you that what they wrote at the start of their writing careers is embarrassing to what they now write.

Everyone needs to start somewhere and your time to start is now, well after you finish reading this article!

So now we’ve established that your writing is going to require some time and effort on your part let’s crack on with what steps you should take to start seeing your writing flourish in the next few months.

We are going to look at some steps that you can take to start building both momentum and confidence in your writing.

If you follow some of these basic exercises you may look back in as little as 3 months time and wonder why you used to either avoid it for as long as possible or get yourself so anxious that writers block came knocking.

Writing Daily

Some people find this the most daunting task. Why? They think they need to write something to publish or meaningful every day but that doesn’t need to be the case.hand holding a small clock

10-15 minutes per day writing is really not that hard and it can be completely up to you what it is that you write. The main thing here is to set aside the time to write. You can choose if you want to write about your day, write down ideas for new posts, do a little work on your blog, a few paragraphs for your book. You don’t even need to stick to continue from where you left off the day before, the idea here is just to get into the practice of daily writing.

The same goes for how you write each day. You don’t need to go and sit at a desk or pull your laptop out either. Why not try using an app on your phone or tablet to write. there are many apps out there that will sync with your computer so anything you do write is safely transferred over for you to continue or edit for publishing once complete.

See this article for a few good apps that allow you to write and sync your work.

I personally love using these as it means I can write almost anywhere, you don’t need an internet signal to write only to sync your writing to your computer or laptop. This means I can write while in the car, at the park, waiting to be seen at appointments, wherever I have my phone basically and I have produced some good work this way too.


Writers Block

Many people say they experience writers’ block once they sit down. Does this sound like you?

man sat at laptop holding his headWriters’ block happens for many reasons. You may be putting too much pressure on yourself to get it right the first time. Fear is another factor for writers’ block. Fear of what people may think, fear that it won’t be good enough, fear that nobody will read it.

This happens often when you first start writing, especially if you are going to publishing your work online. The truth is most people won’t really care, if they don’t like it they will just move on to reading something else. We all have to start somewhere and we all produce less than great work at times but guess what? It DOESN’T MATTER! You will get better, if you are writing daily you will get better, you will be constantly learning, constantly improving and that IS what matters.

You need to write and put your work out there or you will never know. And guess what? people will read it and once you see that people are reading it you will get a little confidence boost that will make your writing a little easier. Don’t get me wrong you may also get the odd comment that can give you a little knock but that is life. If everyone liked the same styles of writing it would be a boring world.

If you can’t write about what you planned to sit down and write about, move on to something else. As long as you are writing that is the main thing. Open up another blank document and start something else. A new post, a new chapter, a letter to someone, your future self even, and if you are really struggling write a to-do list or grocery list. Anything as long as your fingers are moving about that keyboard and you are not just sitting in front of a blank screen.


Keep a Note of Your Weekly Word Count

This is a great way of giving yourself a little confidence boost. As we commit to making writing a daily choice it will become easier. You may only set aside 15 minutes per day but find that once you are in front of that screen the words flow and you lose track of time and an hour later you look up to see just how much you have completed and think wow!   Now not every day will be like this but it will happen more the more often you write.jumble of numbers

A great way to keep track of your weekly word count is to use apps or programmes such as Grammarly or Pro Writing Aid, these will keep a track and give you clear insights into your writing. Not only will they keep an accurate wordcount for you but they can be integrated into your taskbar and used across emails, word, google docs, social media apps, within online writing apps too.

I used to love getting my weekly insights from Grammarly as I not only could see my word count growing week on week but also the number of mistakes I made with spelling and grammar reducing.  And not that is a big deal if your spelling and typing ain’t that great but as you get better as a writer and these lessen it means less time editing before publishing which is also a great time saver.


Write Outside Your Comfort Zone Once a Week

This might sound a little strange but it really can get your mind working. Once a week for 10 minutes try writing about something you are not too familiar with. This exercise is also good for helping to overcome writers’ block. Choose a topic you know little about and just write for ten minutes about it. Even if you can’t write directly about it, write what you think, what questions you would ask someone who does know the subject, if it interests you or not.

This may sound strange but often once you get going you realise you know more than you first thought, you just need to give your brain that stimulation. Even if it is a topic from that week’s news. See we subconsciously hear and see lots of information over a week. From TV, radio, snippets of conversations and our brain will soak up that information. This exercise will make you appreciate just how much you know without realising it.


Re-read Your Older Writings or Publications

Now, this may be a little hard if you are just starting out but if you are going to keep the daily writing practice you only need to wait a week in order to do this.

Each week read something that you have written or published in the past. It doesn’t need to be very long, a two or three-minute read will do. letters

Now I want you to think about how you have improved since then. Think back to what you thought when you wrote the piece. Did you think it was good, how long did it take you to write, how much effort went into it, what do you think of it now?

Now if you are just starting out you may not see vast improvements at first but in time you will be able to go back over an older piece of your work and most likely trash it, have a good old laugh or head scratch but the lesson here is to realise just how far you have and are coming as a writer.



So this is 5 easy ways that will help YOU find your writing mojo, allow you to become a better and more proficient writer and help to build your confidence.

Like everything in life if you want it bad enough you will do what it takes to get it. You want to become a writer you must dedicate time to write and work at improving each and every day through practice and persistence.

Choosing The Best Affiliate Programmes

If you are thinking about or have already started a blog, vlog, website of any nature you are at some point going to want to monetise this.

An easy way of monetising your blog or website if through affiliate programmes. These are programmes that you can sign up to and will be paid to advertise and produce sales for them.

Some sites such as Amazon and eBay have their own affiliate programmes while other programmes such as Awin and Paid on Results are intermediary agents for other companies offering affiliate payments.

The key to earning commissions as an affiliate is to make sure you are promoting products that are relevant to your niche and that your readers want. Below I have listed my top 5 affiliate programmes for those looking to start monetising their online business.  Choose who you affiliate with wisely as it is not only the products you will be promoting that are of interest to your readers/clients/followers but for some people, it is also the ethos, integrity and values of the companies making the products.

someone holding a fan of cash


Don’t Jump the Gun

While we are all desperate to see our online businesses start to bring in some cash it is worth noting that you should not jump into signing up for an affiliate programme before your site is able to produce results that will benefit both the advertiser and yourself. Some affiliate companies will drop you if you haven’t made them any sales within a set time frame. Amazon Associates likes to see some sales from you within the first 6 months and while this is not a difficult task be sure your site is seeing a steady stream of visitors before signing up to save this from happening.

While we all want to be monetising our sites as quickly as possible there are things that you need to take into consideration before signing up to these programmes.

You need a steady or growing amount of website visitors. If you are blogging it takes an estimate of around 40 blogs for you to be ranking well on search engines and gaining regular amounts of visits to your site. Remember that not everyone who visits your site will click on your links and even those that do will not always make a purchase.

Your links and advertising on your site should match your chosen niche. People who are visiting a website about fishing are hardly going to click on a link or advert that is for makeup!


traffic data on computer screen
Traffic first, then commissions.

Useful Affiliate Programmes


Awin has thousands of advertisers on its programme from a variety of sectors and countries. You need to sign up for each website you own and will apply to advertiser separately. You can also create a profile for each website you own that will allow advertisers to reach out to you if they think your site is a good fit for their company and/or products.

Each company that is registered within Awin has its own rules and policies for becoming a publisher with them and these are clearly laid out before you join.

The dashboard at Awin is easy to navigate and it will show you all your earnings in one place while also allowing you to break this down into individual advertisers which is helpful.  They also show the number of clicks through your site as well as purchases made through clicks.



Amazon Associates is a very popular affiliate site for people just starting out in their business venture to sign up to. As we all know most people have purchased a product off of Amazon at some point since it started. Again each of your sites must be listed separately within the Amazon Associates programme. While Amazon offers a diverse array of things to purchase what you list on your site should be relevant to your niche.

It is also worth noting that while people may not always buy the things that you have linked to if they land on Amazon through your link then purchase other items you may still earn a commission on these items. This is true for most affiliate programmes and this is done with the help of “cookies”.


Paid on Results

Paid on Results, like Awin has a growing number of businesses that you can become an affiliate for in a variety of niches.  You can simply create an account and browse the merchants (businesses) offering affiliate programmes and request to join that you think will work well in your chosen niche.

Paid on Results has a nice clean control panel and is easy to navigate. Your control panel allows you to see how many merchants you have joined, your revenue and new merchants as well as being able to browse all creative links, feeds, voucher offers and products.



Similarly to Amazon, eBay has its own affiliate programme called the eBay Partner Network and again this site sells items from across many niches and from many companies.  Ebay Partner Network is also easy to sign up to and work with. It has a clear structure and interface although unlike some other affiliate programmes a purchase needs to be made through your link within 24 hours in order for you to qualify for a commission on it.



Clickbank is a favourite for many affiliates and some affiliates earn a full time living working only with Clickbank and may base their business around it. This is done more through email marketing than via websites, blog sites and such although you can integrate many of their items, niche dependant, on your site. However, Clickbank is better known for promoting digital products rather than physical products. This allows them to pay out higher commissions too.


My Top 5

These are my Top 5 recommended affiliate sites to get anyone started who would like to monetize their online ventures. I have used all 5 sites with varying success since I started online. Now there are many other programmes you can join and you will find these by simply doing a search online.  I have chosen these as they are easy to navigate and suit many niches, so there should be something for everyone within these 5.

As stated above it is always better to wait until you have a steady stream of daily visitors to your site before signing up to affiliate programmes. This will ensure that you better meet the requirements, of the merchant/advertiser, should there be any about making sales in the first few months.

This will also stop you from becoming disheartened as it can be frustrating when you are waiting on that little bit of could news to say “you have earned commission on …”.  When you have a steady flow of traffic this will come much sooner and easier for you. Once you have earned your first commission you will be eager to earn more and this really does give you a boost.

Best of Success to You.

Best Phone Apps to Boost Your Business Productivity

These days everyone tends to own and use smartphones, but do you use your phone in smart ways?

In this article, I’m going to share with you some phone apps that can really help to boost your business productivity.

We all tend to have our phones with us for most of the day and checking in and using these apps can make big differences both on how we organise our work and upping our productivity levels a notch. This can make a huge difference when it comes to staying ahead of our competitors.


See, there are many times throughout the day where we are waiting on something, wasting time. It could be while waiting on or travelling on a bus, waiting on an appointment, on work breaks from your day job and it has been known for many to use these whilst on the throne (bathroom visits). These are the times when these apps can be really useful. As these otherwise wasted minutes can be put to use and become productive and help you drive your business forward.

Keep App

I frequently use Keep app as it was the first one I used and have simply kept on using it.  Keep app allows you to write, take notes, lists, screenshots and pictures and as it is a google app it syncs straight with your computer.lightbulb idea drawn on post-it

This is great for when out and about and you get an idea for a title or the makings of a blog post. These types of apps make it easy to take note and start writing there and then before the idea goes out your head.

I have used Keep app to write almost full blog posts and emails while away from my computer and then simply transfer them at a later time. In fact, I started this post on my phone with the Keep App.

A clean, simple easy to use app.



Evernote similarly to Keep app is great for when out and about or away from your computer. This Microsoft Windows app will sync with your computer allowing you to take notes, save pictures, insert links, record in audio and much more.

Evernote comes with 3 plans.

Evernote Basic- free –  use to take notes and have them sync straight to your computer.

Evernote Premium – paid – use to organise yourself and your work. Take notes, make lists and organise your work schedule.

Evernote Business -paid per person – if you are in business with others this will allow you to share ideas and work seamlessly within a team.


TodoistTo-Do Lists

If you are looking for an app to help you keep on top of everything and make your to-do lists look seamless Todoist is a great app. It has a simple and clean design so it is easy to use and navigate, meaning that keeping on top of everything you need to do is clear and appears effortless.

You can use all the basic features for free or choose an upgrade at just over £20 for the year, meaning it is much cheaper than other competitive apps out there.

You can set reminders and deadlines to help you get everything done on time and in an orderly fashion.



lastpass logoNow one thing you want when in business is something that is going to keep all your passwords secure. This is exactly what Lastpass* does and this can be used across several devices. Lastpass* will store and fill in all passwords and or information quickly and securely for the sites you use, it will create unique passwords for you at the touch of a button and help to keep all your online activity as safe as possible.

I find this an invaluable tool as it means no more carrying a notebook or using the same password across several sites which many people are prone to doing and one of the most common problems when your identity is stolen or your accounts hacked.

You simply need to remember only one password and that is for Lastpass* as it will remember the rest for you.

It will also store other information for you such as bank details, card details and addresses.


So once you start generating an income with your online business you are going to want to look after those earnings in a quick and easy fashion.

Quickbooks is a clear and easy to use app for keeping on top of your income as well as outgoings. It will allow you to create invoices, store receipts and track your business cash flow all in one place.

You can try QuickBooks free for 30 days then chose a pricing plan that best suits your business needs.


Social Media Appssocial media icons

Most of us today have social media apps on our phones. But, if you are going to try and build a brand for your business and use such social media sites to promote your work and business your phone is the best place to have them. This allows you to reply to people quickly and efficiently no matter where you are.

Social media apps are great for growing a following or getting people to visit your site. You can share all your new work through your social media platforms. From new blog posts to your newly created programme that you want to showcase to the world, social media platforms are a great way to generate traffic for your business.

Apps like Instagram are phone-based apps anyway. The one thing you do need to be careful of is constantly checking your phone whilst at your computer working. For this reason, it is best to set 2 or 3 times a day where you will check your social media apps and reply to anyone who has been in touch.

Have a Smarter Smartphone for Business

I hope that by using your smartphone in a smarter way, using some simple phone apps that it will help to make your life that little bit easier and your work life that little more productive that it allows your business to grow at a faster rate and have you earning the income you desire a little sooner than predicted.

How To Choose The Right Niche

lightbox with "think outside the box" written on itStarting Out Online

If you are looking to start your own business online or make money online, you need to know what it is you want to be offering your customers or clients before you start. Are you going to offer a wide variety or are you going to zone in and offer a specific thing?

So whether you are looking at getting into bogging, affiliate marketing, online stores, informational websites or any other online business you will often hear about choosing your niche.

Now, don’t get me wrong many people work across many niches, but when starting out is a better idea to choose one and concentrate on that until it is providing you with an income before moving into another niche. This also allows you to learn and make mistakes in just one area or sector of your business.

Then when or if you decide to start a second online business you will know exactly what NOT to do and setting up this second online income stream will be easier, less frustrating and have you earning your second income more quickly.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a subject or topic that your business will become based around. Some of the most popular niches are diet and weight loss, making money, exercise and niches rising in popularity are homesteading, CBD and hemp products.

So, you may choose a niche that you are already knowledgable in or you may decide to choose something completely new to you and learn as you go. The choice is completely yours.

Now once you have chosen a niche it is also important to decide if you want to cover in broad or narrow terms.  This means are you going to just cover the niche in general or are you going to narrow it down to a specific area within that niche and specialize in that.

Take for instance “camping” as a niche. Are you going to go broad and cover every aspect of camping or are you going to narrow it right to “camping in canvas tents”, “hammock camping” or “off-grid camping”. See when you start to narrow down your niche to specifics you are going to attract, mainly, only an audience interested in that type of camping to your online business. An audience who are interested in that specific style and who are interested in what you have to say or you are going to be offering. An audience who possibly already have that as an interest and are going to be ready to part with their money on your offers or promotions.

Types of Niches

Now it is also important to understand that there are a few types of niches and this is also something you need to consider when choosing your niche.  If you are looking for supplementary income then seasonal or fad niches can work but if you are looking to make a steady income an evergreen niche would likely be your first choice. You can always branch into fun seasonal and fad niches at a later time when your income is more steady.


Seasonal Niches

There is many seasonal niches, meaning niches that will be more popular depending on the time of year or seasons. Like the example used above, camping would be a seasonal niche. Now there are people who camp all year but, for the majority this a seasonal thing. So while this may gain lots of interest and make money during say late spring to early autumn it will probably not provide you with a consistent income.


Fad Niches

Another type of niche is a fad niche. This is when something has become popular or is fashionable for a short-lived period.  This can often be items such as kids toys or the latest fashion accessory. Similarly to the seasonal niche, this will not provide a steady year-round income. Although these may be great “fun” niches and have the possibility to make a good income from if you get in quick, this will only be short-lived income.


Evergreen Niches

Now, these are the steady, year-round income providing niches that most online business people like to work within. These are the niches that no matter what time of year is, and because people are always interested in or need, never go out of fashion. The people who come and use or who are attracted to your business may change, but there will always be a good audience for you to provide for.

Before you even start an online business of any kind it is important that you know exactly what it is you want to offer your audience and this is for the following reasons.

> It is easier to come up with a business plan, set goals and discover the best ideas to help you reach your desired outcome.

> It provides you with a clear idea of what you need to be doing and offering your customers. It is all too easy to go off track if you are unclear of what it is you want to offer and can result in lots of unnecessary work for you.

> You want to make it clear to anyone visiting your business, online store, website or blog what it is you offer. This ensures you are attracting the right kind of people.


Define Your Niche Early for Success

So choosing your niche early on is a vital part of having success quickly in an online business.success loading picture

Now it doesn’t matter if you want to blog, vlog (video blog), teach or educate people on your chosen subject matter. By becoming an affiliate partner of companies who sell items related to your chosen subject is a good way for those starting out in their online business to make money.

You have no products of your own to stock, no touching or playing middle man you simply get a commission every time someone buys through YOUR affiliate link.


Another way to earn online income is to create something of your own to sell, within a niche, to your audience or customers, although this is a little more difficult and time-consuming at first, you are in control.

This is often done by people who are already experienced in online business or who have a target audience already that they can promote their own product too.

I hope this helps give a little more understanding of niches and where to start in your online venture. I do suggest that you take your time in choosing and give it plenty of thought and research as once you have chosen your niche you can be pretty much committed! Getting your online business up and running is time-consuming and a big commitment as it may take a few months before you start to see the results you want. But, perseverance is key. Keep at it and you will get there.

Good Luck and May Success be Your Friend

How a Dragon Helped Me Rethink My Life and Business

picture of a bearded dragonI want to share with you how getting a new pet made me rethink my life and business and how I am now winning at both.

Now I love animals and would have many more than I currently have if time and other half allowed. But my most recent addition really made me think about where I was going wrong in both my life and business. It really gave me the kick up the backside many of us need in order to get stuck in and start living our best possible lives, for some even the most extraordinary lives!

What Happened?

Recently I was offered the chance to re home a bearded dragon, a pet to which I had no knowledge of until this offer came along. As I said earlier I love animals and have owned and cared for reptiles in the past. However, bearded dragons have not been one of them although I have always looked at them with interest and seen them as curious pets.

I did think long and hard before deciding to re home this little fella who had been on the verge of being neglected and certainly had not been given the love, care and attention that he needed.

Before accepting the offer I did minimal research such as life span, time and cost involved of keeping such an unusual pet. But, once having spoke to people who owned the dragon and agreeing to take it on as my own pet I really started to do my research and for over a week it kinda took over my life.

I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about how to give this little reptile the best life possible. I learned about habitat and what I was going to keep him in. About correct lighting and heating, diet and nutrition, bathing and exercise and even common ailments and diseases that they can get. I even went as far as learning how to breed certain insects that he could eat to help keep a constant steady supply and the cost of feeding him to a reasonable price.

So How Did This Help Change My Life and Business?

Well as I was taking a break and enjoying a coffee and just generally thinking about stuff I had going on or needed to complete. I came to thinking about just how much time this little fella had taken of my time and why.

See, I wanted to make sure, while in my care and as my pet I would be giving him the best life possible. After all, this is what all good, caring pet owners do, right?

We go out our way to provide the best possible life for our pets. Whether dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, aquatic pets. We will spend ages getting to know all about him and what they need for a good life. Often we will also spend a small fortune treating them. From grooming sessions to diamante collars and the most expensive treats to dog hotels.

But what about our own lives? Do we really spend that much time and effort on making sure we give ourselves the best life possible? Or even giving our kids that priority their whole lives. Probably not!

I then started thinking about humans in general and how many people struggle to take care of their own basic needs such as sleep, diet, exercise and learning.

Many people also lack knowledge on the above basic needs due to poor parenting, poor or little education, an unwillingness to learn for themselves and the constant bombardment of advertisements that can lead to poor choices such as an unhealthy diet and spending way too much time in front of TV’s and tablets.

So Let’s look at some of our basic needs and see how they can help shape, influence and improve us and our businesses.

SleepA good nights sleep

Sleep is one of the most basic needs that us humans need to survive let alone thrive in our lives.

Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep but you should be making sure you get enough to ensure that you can give your best during the day. This is especially true when working for yourself and/or running your business. You will not accomplish what you need to in order to succeed if you are always tired and cannot concentrate and focus.

Sleep deprivation has at times been used to torture people and many scientists believe that sleep is often just as important if not more that food and water. Sleep deprivation or lack of a good nights sleep can often lead to irritability, poor concentration, slow or poor decision-making and making silly mistakes or errors during otherwise routine work.

Sleep is not only is important in keeping our bodies and minds healthy it also gives a much desired boost to our concentration and productivity levels. Many people will tell you that they do their best work early in the day or after a nap. This is often because our minds have had time to recharge in that time so not only is our body rested but so has our mind and this in turn allows us to light that spark and be creative. We can often think quicker and often our work just seems to flow so much easier and quicker.

I know that I mostly produce my best and most efficient work first thing in the morning. Probably within for first three hours of wakening which is great when you work from home as no commute = more work can be produced early in the morning. Often I will have a coffee and get my most important work done early in the morning then go about getting ready for the rest of the day I.e shower, get dressed and have breakfast.

Everyone is different in when they produce their best work in the day but 1 thing is for sure, you need to be ensuring your body gets enough sleep.

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is rarely spoken about when it comes to performing in business and leading a successful life, however without it, well quite simply we would not be here. We need food and water to survive, after all.

Now I am not saying you turn a health freak, just make sure you take care of yourself and have a good balanced diet. A poor diet often leads to health problems, not always straight away but they will come eventually and this in turn will affect your work.

Always stay hydrated as it has been proven that dehydration has links with poor concentration and memory. Having a glass of water or diluting juice on your desk and having regular drinks will solve this problem and keep you concentrating much longer than if you were not to.


Exercise, the one thing that many of us do not get enough of these days and one thing I myself am planning to work on getting more of.

Exercise not only helps keep you in shape but is a great stress buster and can give a much-needed boost when taken a little later in the day. When we exercise our body produces endorphins which help to lift our mood and are now shown to help us focus and concentrate too. So something as simple as a walk after lunch or 10 minutes on an exercise bike will help get you through the afternoon in a much more productive and focused manner. Not to mention that regular exercise can also help with our sleep patterns so effectively you could be killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

right working environment

The Right Habitat

The right habitat or for us work environment is also important. This doesn’t need to be anywhere fancy, no need to run out and spend a fortune creating an office space or hiring one either. What you need is to find what works for you. This could be something as simple as a space at the kitchen table or even a foldaway table in a quiet room in the house. For some, even having a laptop that is only used for work can be all that is needed to set the right tone for a work space.

Ideally make sure you have adequate lighting and the room is at a comfortable temperature and you are comfortably seated. These are things that we never tend to think about when we think about our work space but they can be the main reasons that we cannot simply stay in one place and work as we should. You are not going to be able to give all your focus to your work if you are too hot or cold, struggling to see due to poor lighting or the sun streaming in through a window or even because you have a numb bum due to sitting on an uncomfortable seat.


Now, learning is not so much a basic need in life but it is in business. If you do not learn you cannot grow. Either as a person or as a business. It is important to ensure you create time and space to learn. This does not always mean by sitting down with a tonne of books and studying away for hours on end. For many that is too much hard work and quite simply a boring way of learning.

Learning nowadays can be much more fun and interesting you just need to know what you want to learn and in which way. Many of us now learn more visually than years gone past. YouTube can be a great resource when you are first starting out in business and many entrepreneurs are online sharing their journey and giving advice to others.

Another good way to learn is from others. If possible find ways to talk to others who are on the same journey as you or have already made a success of their business. You will find that these like-minded people will be only too happy to help you or give you advice or tip you off on the best resources.

Whatever way you like to learn be sure to plan it into your working week. This is best to be part of your work if possible at first rather than in addition to your work, that may cause you to overwork or cause some unneeded stress.

win at life

Learn to Thrive In Life, Not Just Survive!

Now I have rethought all the above myself and I am now implementing some changes which have already started to make a difference in how I both feel about my work and helped me to increase my productivity.

I now urge you to spend some time having thinking about how meeting your most basic needs could help you and your work and or business. Invest in yourself as you are worth it and it will surely show in everything you do. This does not have to be time-consuming.

Something as simple as drinking more water or taking a short stroll everyday will not only leave you feeling healthier in yourself, long-term but give your work or business a little boost too.

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a cuppa and see how you can make small changes to how you live your life that can and will have a huge effect on your business and goals.

Is Your Work KILLING You?

Work and Our Health

Is your work killing you? Is your work taking a toll on and/or damaging your health? I am not just talking about your physical health but also your mental and emotional health. It is not something we often think about unless the job is physically draining each day.

Even jobs that we love can damage our health. What’s more, is that because we love what we do we normally don’t realise the impact it is having on our health until it is too late.

An example of this is the health and social care workers. Most people working in these sectors do it because they love what they do. But in working in these sectors, especially over a long period of time it can become apparent that their job takes a toll on their emotional and mental health. Especially those who work closely with people who have suffered some kind of trauma. This can be from witnessing someone overcome and work through physical trauma or helping to care for a child who has suffered mental or emotional trauma. This can have a huge impact on your own mental and emotional states over time. In fact, the more heavily invested you are in these people the more you can become affected by their traumas! Scary right? And the funny thing is that although the care and social sectors recognise and discuss this there is very little help and support out there for these workers.


Did you know that the most common time for people to have heart attacks is on a Monday morning between the hours of 8 and 9 am! That’s right, at the beginning of their working week! This is often brought on by the stress that is caused by thinking about work, especially those in stressful jobs or stressful situations because of their job.

Now I know people having heart attacks is not what you really want to be thinking about when you think of how your current work is impacting your health. And, many of the people who may have heart attacks at these times will have other contributing factors too.

I know myself, only too well how the stress of work can impact on your home life and your health and not everyone has the time or is able to figure out a healthy way of destressing or even managing their stress levels.  This is the reason I myself, started working online for myself, to help alleviate much of this stress.

It is not only high flyers and top earners that have lots of work stresses. There are many minimum wage jobs out there that put a lot of unnecessary stress on workers. Insisting on workers meeting almost impossible targets or risk losing their jobs. Life can be hard enough when working for minimum wages or working more than one job to just get by in life without worrying about how safe your job is. And let’s face it very few jobs these days are safe and secure.

Anxiety around work and the work people do is also commonplace these days. People who don’t like their jobs but haven’t been able to find something else. Workplace bullying, yes it does go on, the fact that you are working with adults just makes it worse when it does happen as they tend to be more skilled at it without getting caught, especially if the bullying takes place in a one to one situation.


Job v Work v Business


This is what a job means for most people. Working to pay bills and barely get by in life. If you are lucky you may manage a holiday each year and a night out occasionally.  I tend to associate the word job with work that is mundane, minimum wage. A way to make a living that allows you to get by and pay the bills yet there is no fulfilment for you or job satisfaction. Often people that work doing these so-called jobs have no or little pride in their work and that really is a shame when you think just what percentage of your week or life is actually spent working.

What about work? Well, most reserve this term for people working in an industry that they like or enjoy working in. It tends to pay more than a minimum wage and there is normally a good chance that you can climb the ranks as you gain more knowledge and experience in that chosen field. The term work can be often tied in with the term career. It may leave you financially in a better situation than people with jobs but you are still working for someone else and your free time is controlled by someone else.

Yet there are people out there who are working for themselves, online, from home and can get away whenever they want. Some even travel for months because there work items, a laptop and phone can easily travel with them. These are people who we all envy. They are their own boss, they have created their own business and learned a way to earn money while doing what they want and often love. You don’t need to have a business earning millions every year to be successful, being successful for most people is living the life they want to live and to be able to financially afford it.

No asking your boss for time off or your work dictating which weeks you can go on holiday with your family. Working for yourself, you can pick and choose what you do and when and that type of freedom is priceless. Now that is not to be confused with hardly working or only working when you choose (like 2-3 hours per day). It takes a long time to be able to do that and a lot of hard work and dedication to get to that point. But if you want it enough, you can make it happen.


So, What Can You Do About It?

Well, one thing you can do is think about becoming your own boss and working for yourself, most likely from home. This can be a phased process where you work a little each day and gradually build up a business that will allow you to either reduce your working hours in your job or career or quit altogether.

Why Online From Home?

Well, the cost of set up is minimal. Most people can get started with something online for less than £50, some even being able to get started for ZERO cost.

You can start with what you have. If you have a computer, tablet, phone and an internet connection you can get started in running your own business.

With the ever-growing internet at our fingertips, this has become easier than ever for people to do. Everything you need to get started is right here, online.

With an internet-ready device and internet signal, you can research which type of work you may like to do online, learn from the experts, build your confidence to get started, start noting down all your ideas and really get ready to make one of the best changes to your life that you will ever make.

A good thing to also remember is that you are not only going to create a better life for yourself but also for those around you as you work towards your own goals you are also working towards leaving a legacy, maybe for your children or their future children and helping secure a better future for them too. It may also inspire family and friends to rethink their own situation when they see you doing what you love.


lightbulb on floor

So, What Are You Planning to Do About It?

Do you dream of getting off the hamster wheel that is your work/life cycle? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to become your own boss and lead a very different life to the one you are living now?

Do you think about being able to work hours that suit you and improve the lives of both yourself and your family?

The reason I have asked the question “what are you planning to do about it?” is simply because if you want to make such changes as to how you make a living the one thing you are going to need is a plan.

You can read more about planning and goal setting at the following link https://workuponline.com/how-to-set-goals-and-achieve-them-in-5-steps

Yes, that’s right, in order to make those dreams become a reality you are going to need to spend some time planning. Planning what you are going to do and how you are going to go about it.

Start by figuring out what you want to do and researching more about the subject and how others make a living off the same of similar work models or interests. While at this stage it is also good to work out how many hours a week you are going to be able to commit to making this happen. This is important for when it comes to “planning how you are going to make this happen”.

Researching Your Dream

Well now the seed has been planted for a better life working for yourself you need to decide what it is that you would like to do for work.

It is not important what you do to earn money right now what matters is YOU and what YOU know. Everyone has something that they can offer to others, some expertise in some area that other people would like to learn about. Or you may be able to offer others advice and guidance or provide a service where this is possible for them to read online.

Maybe you don’t want to use a skill you already have, maybe you want to learn something completely new or have a dream of becoming a writer or Youtube superstar.

WHATEVER it is you would like to do, research it and try to get a good idea of how you are going to START and how long it is going to take to replace your current income.


Set Out a Plan

Now, this doesn’t have to be anything elaborate at first. No one is looking for you to draw up a fully-fledged business plan.

A basic plan of which steps you are going to need to take to get started with your business. For instance, if you were wanting to have your own website teaching guitar. You would need to be able to play the guitar firstly. But then you would be planning

• Name for a website, check this is available

• Are you going to build a website yourself? Super easy if you go here.

• Are you going to give video lessons? What equipment might you need?

• How are you going to bring visitors to your site? Will you use Social Media to drive your traffic?

• How are you going to monetise your site? Will you sell lessons or use affiliate links?

As well as knowing what steps you will need to take you will also need to set rough timescales for getting things done. Read our article on Goalsetting here. This should help you to start setting goals and make getting started easier for you.

“A dream is just a dream. A GOAL is a dream with a plan and a deadline”

A good tip I would offer is to include time for learning in your plans. At the end of the day, if you knew exactly how to do all this you would have been surely doing it by now. You may have to learn about adding different medium to your site, using an automated email list for your subscribers, best ways to drive visitors to your site etc.

All can be learned online and if using a platform such as wealthyaffiliate.com you will be able to learn everything in one place and from other likeminded people who are already doing this for themselves. You are even able to ask questions online in real-time and get the answers you need.


Share Your Plan

Now it is worth mentioning that if you are living with other people it will be important for you to share your plan.

Well, you are not going to manage to do this without anyone knowing unless you live yourself (if you do, you should complete this way faster as you will have no interruptions! Shh don’t tell the family I said this)

You are going to need time to yourself to get things done which means a change in your current routine. This could impact all your family members one way or another.

Your partner may need to deal with the kids themselves for a few hours, the children may be asked to keep the noise down a little more to let you concentrate and your extended family may not see you as often at first.

Besides, it is good for them to know that you not only want to build a better future for yourself but also for them. But you would also like their support and encouragement as this can make a huge difference when getting started on your own.

So, what are you waiting for? If you really want to get started making money for yourself the best time to start is NOW!

If you wait for the right time or when you have more time available, you will never start. You need to START NOW.

START – thinking of what you will do to become your own boss.

START – researching your ideas.

START – planning your future business.

START – Sharing your ideas with family and loved ones.


Believe me, the hardest thing to do is START but once you do it kinda has a snowball effect and before you know it you will be getting things done and making things happen. You will be starting to build your own business or build another income stream.

The only thing holding YOU back from building a better future for yourself is YOU! Start NOW!

If you still don’t know where to start why not start by creating a FREE ACCOUNT HERE and find out what others are doing to create their own brighter and better futures.

Don’t Let Your Work Rule Your Life Any Longer

Don’t let your work kill you or make you ill. Your work should not be having any negative impact on your health at all. For most, they give enough while being at work without it limiting or having an impact outwith the workplace. Say NO to letting work rule your life and YES to living the life you dream of. The only thing standing in your way is you! only YOU can change your life and get it to where you want to be. It may be hard work at first but, it sure will be worth it in the end when you are healthier, happier and more content with your life.

Please if you want it, try it and don’t live to regret never having chased your dream.

Creating Your Success 5 Seconds at a Time

create success5 seconds at a time

close up of pocket watch

Do you want success but struggle to get things done? Are you a procrastinator? Do you struggle to find motivation? Or are you just getting started on your road to success and want to know how to speed things up a little?

Wherever you are on your road to success if you’re feeling underwhelmed by it all and/or struggling this post may be just what you need to read. That you can become successful or speed up your path to success by using this 5-second rule.

For about a year I have been worked on my online business’ sporadically, really struggling to find the time, energy or drive to be pushing forward with things in the way I wanted.

There was always something getting in my way or things happening that knocked me off-track. Family commitments, health, phases of doubt and fear and at times even laziness.

You see I was always on the go and sometimes I just needed that little bit of time to myself to relax but the end result was – I was not where I wanted to be within my business at the end of the year and felt guilt and shame for allowing other things to get in my way.

Do’s this sound like you and your situation? If so, please keep reading.

Focusing on Your Success

You see coming up to the end of my first year of having an online business I was not where I wanted to be and was feeling guilt and shame as I knew I could have worked harder and done more than I had done throughout the year.

So, what I did was make a commitment to myself that this would not happen again the following year.

I took some time to reflect on what I really wanted and where I really wanted to be in life. My desire to free myself from mindless employment by someone else was still there at the top of my list. So, I decided to start setting some major goals and strategies that would allow me to have the greatest year possible and make huge strides in leaving the “JOB”.

One of the strategies for reaching this goal was to further educate myself by having a solid reading list for the year ahead.

It is a well-known fact nowadays that powerful and successful people read a lot. Many successful business people read as many as 50+ books a year. Now unless I made a full-time job of reading that many books were too many for me to consume, that was, until I remembered Audible!

So, I signed up again. I had used audible many years before for leisure and to try to learn Danish! (I never learned any by the way) then I downloaded a few books. Now the books I bought weren’t just random purchases. I had gone online and looked at the top 50 books that business people and entrepreneurs were reading. The first 3 I purchased were Gary Vaynerchuk – Crushing it! Grant Cardone – The 10X Rule and Mel Robbins – The 5-Second Rule.

Who is Mel Robbins?

Mel Robbins holding her book

Mel is an author, TV host, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, CEO and co-founder of The Confidence project to name but a few.

Robbins discovered -The 5-Second Rule when she was going through a particularly difficult time in her own life and has since spoken to and helped thousands of other people make changes and take charge of their own lives.

Mel’s “5-second rule” has also been backed by scientific claims as to it’s effectiveness and the reasons of why it works so well for people. By counting down 5,4,3,2,1 it sends a message to the frontal cortex of the brain to assert control and take action on your thought.

The 5-Second Rule

This rule is basically a rule that allows you to accomplish more in your any aspect of your life. If there is something you need to do, even things that bring you doubt, fear, anxiety or uncertainty the rule remains the same. You simply count down 5,4,3,2,1 then move and take action or do the thing you need to do.

Now I think most of us who are or who have been indulgent in procrastination at some point will agree that overthinking kills positive action. We can spend all day thinking of just one thing that we need to do in order for us to make positive progress but never actually take the action needed to complete the task.

Now one thing you need to remember is to count backwards so it remains at 5 seconds. If you could upwards you could just continue counting and get nowhere. Over time counting backwards or countdowns have been used to take action e.g. 3,2,1 GO or 5,4,3,2,1 WE HAVE LIFTOFF! And, when you read or listen to the book you will learn how this is how Mel came up with the idea.

5 Second Countdown

Now the 5-second rule will, if you use it allows you to get things started. Getting things started seems to be half the battle. Once we have started a task, we are more than likely want to get it finished. When I get an idea, I write it down. Now if I am able to, I will also make a start on it. If it’s a new blog post, I will open the computer and even just write a few quick sentences and save it to work on later.

My own productivity more than doubled in the first week of using this rule or one of my now habits. As I continue to use it I am seeing weekly improvement in productivity and reaching my short term goal more easily and this is allowing me to set myself bigger goals.

I am more likely to then go back and finish writing this that starting to work on something else and up with lots of unfinished work. This also allows me to focus and put my best effort into the task at hand. I find if I am concentrating on one thing my brain stays focused and slows down a little. Whereas, when I am just sitting thinking or doing boring non-work-related chores my mind tends to wonder and doubt can creep in before I start. If the task is already started, I am focused on how and when I will complete it.

Trying it for Yourself

I suggest, no in fact I urge you to try out this technique over the next few days and see for yourself how it can have an impact on your own productivity. If you can keep a track of your productivity.

I’d suggest buying the book in whatever format suits your own needs or check “Mel Robbins – The 5-Second Rule” out on YouTube.

This 5-second rule is only the beginning of what you will learn from Mel and her book. There are also many other things discussed that you will be able to take away and put into action in your own life that will help you to succeed and reach your success quicker and with more confidence.

Sometimes even the small day to day tasks that we hate doing stands in our way and stops us having the time needed to dedicate ourselves to reaching our goals and successes. Get them out you way and then make your way to success.


So, go on, use it and be the best version of you and create the success you deserve.

How to Ensure Your SUCCESS in 2019

words on tins

Well, 2019 is now here and as most people do you have probably set your self a few resolutions or goals for the coming year.

In the following post will look at setting goals, the use of planning and taking action in this blog. By using all 3 of these strategies to full effect in the coming year you will be setting yourself up for great success.

Feel Like Making Dreams Come True


If you are looking to start a new venture or really want to strive forward with the business, you are in you will most probably have set yourself some goals for achieving this. If not, why not?

Set your goals and write them down. Now writing them down is really important. You can have goals in mind and that is great but the trouble with that is that you can easily change or manipulate them without anyone knowing and probably while lying to yourself a little too. Once you write them down have them somewhere where you will see them each day. On your office desk, in your diary, on your mobile, as a screen saver on your computer even.

Writing them down means:

· They are there in black and white.

· You can read them whenever you want.

· You can have them to hand any time you are planning or changing plans to help attain your goals.

· They are there as a constant reminder of where you want to be and what you want to have.

I know many people have business plans and that is great, but I find goals are equally if not more important. Goals really give us something to work towards and we can have many given goals at one time.

Read my last post – How to Set Goals and Achieve Them – In 5 Steps

You can have your short term, medium-term and long-term goals all running together but all focusing on completely different areas. For me, I have daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and longer-term goals.

Why do I have so many? To help keep me focused.

My daily, weekly and even monthly goals are more refined. Daily and weekly almost more like a to-do list or goal. My monthly goals are far higher aiming. Normally business-related goals.

Anything above monthly goals tends to be my REALLY BIG goals. I have started going bigger with my longer-term goals as I feel it keeps me more focused and I find I don’t give up on them as easily.

Now I have started going bigger with my goals and the main reason for this – Grant Cardone! Now if you haven’t heard of him, I suggest you look him up. Grant is the creator of 10X. After reading his book I am now ready to set myself bigger goals. Although bigger goals mean bigger action! For me, bigger action is good. It means less time to procrastinate, to let fear set in or simply be lazy.

Some of my bigger goals can be the amount I want to earn in that year, how many books I will read in a year, where I will travel or big purchase items like cars etc.

One thing to point out is that once I set my goals they never change! I never downsize them to make them more attainable. That is the reason for setting my goals bigger because even if I do fall short, I will still have achieved more than if I were to have set a smaller goal.



Once I set my goals I will plan and come up with strategies for reaching them. Now unlike my goals, my plans are something that I can keep changing and often do. If my original plan for reaching a goal is not working, then I will change it to something else that I may think will bring greater results.

To start your planning, it is best to have a fresh page for each goal. Write your goal at the top of the page and then start to write down strategies or things that you plan to take action on to help you reach your goal.

I tend to write my goal and then have a list of bullet points underneath. Then I will have actions for each bullet point at the end of my plans.



· Strategy 1

· Strategy 2

· Strategy 3

Strategy 1

This is where I will write how I carry this strategy out, what exact measures I will take.

Strategy 2

I repeat as above for each strategy I have bullet-pointed and I will keep going until I have completed ways in which I am going to take action to reach this goal.

Now as I said before I repeat this for every goal. This may seem time-consuming but believe me, committing it onto paper is very worthwhile. Now you can choose whether you handwrite it or type it, the choice is entirely yours, just make sure to have it written down somewhere, so you can read it whenever you choose.

I like to handwrite mine as I feel it commits it to memory better for me and I find writing by hand very therapeutic at times. However, this can be more time-consuming in the long run as I rewrite the whole page when I change or update strategies relating to a particular goal.


Now one other thing that I feel is vitally important at this point it to plan to set time aside to work on these. Your business goals should be given priority unless you have very pressing health goals that you need to reach to enable you to work on your business.

Try to set aside time daily just to work on reaching your goals. Now, this is not as hard as it sounds as if you are working on business goals you will have time set aside anyway. Now you are just going to be more focussed on what you are going to be doing as you will be following your strategies.

Taking Action

Now that you have set your goals and done your planning it is time to TAKE ACTION. This is going to be the most important part of making this year a success. Along with setting goals taking action to reach those goals is a must. You will never reach your goals or further yourself in any area without taking action!

You must always put in the work if you want success. The harder you work the quicker you will reach success.

Grant Cardone also covers taking big action in his 10x book which I have taken notes from along with Mel Robbins – 5 Second Rule

. I would highly recommend you read their books or even look them up on YouTube. Both address ways to help you take more action, bigger action than you have done previously and as I have already stated action = success.

Take Action
Set aside time EVERY day to take action on reaching your goals. Now every day mean seem a lot but if you want to succeed you got to commit. Now, this doesn’t need to be vast amounts of time, although that will get you reaching success quicker. Just be sure to do something that will move you forward. You may be having the busiest day ever with family or vacation or whatever just do 1 thing every day.

Even if it is only making 1 phone call, writing down 1 or 2 ideas, sending 1 email. Just make sure that every single day you do at least 1 thing.

e.g. if I have 2 goals, one to get more exercise and 1 to read more books I can get creative about working on these 2 goals at once. I will listen to an audiobook while exercising, driving OR doing household chores.

If you want it, you will find a way!

It can be as quick as 2-3 minutes of your time so there is no excuse. Hell, you can do it on your phone in the loo if you need to just make sure and get it done!

Now not all action will bring results, you may at times take action and it can be the wrong action, but you have tried it and if it doesn’t work you can change it. What is important is that you are always striving forward, keeping in motion, moving on and never becoming stuck or stagnant.

One failure does not mean you quit, it means that way didn’t work for you. Many great people say that their success inbuilt on failures. What is important is that you keep going, keep TAKING ACTION!

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them – In 5 Steps

Dreams and Goals

What is your dream? Will it only ever be a dream? Read on to find out how you can make your dreams a reality by goal setting.

Setting A Goal

All successful people set goals, whether they are business people or athletes, they are always working towards a goal.  Setting goals help to motivate us and keep us moving forward and progressing in our chosen field.

There is a saying “A dream is just a dream. A GOAL is a dream with a plan and a deadline”

If you want to be successful it is important to set goals and continually work towards them.

No goal is too big or too small. 

When choosing your goal, you will need to set aside some quiet time where you can sit and reflect. Think about what you want.  What you really want.  The result will be your goal.  Whether that is to make X amount of money or become a leader in your chosen field that will be your goal.

Write down your goal and give a realistic timescale for achieving this.

Don’t worry about the size of your goal as you will break this down into many smaller goals that you will achieve on your way to your big goal.

Break it Down

Now you have your GOAL you must break it down to smaller steps. If you try and reach a big goal in one big step or leap you are going to become frustrated or impatient and time after time this leads to most people giving up on their goal. Be smarter than other goal setters by setting SMART goals.

By breaking your main goal into smaller goals, it means that you will achieve small successes and celebrations along the way while all the time working to your main goal.

 The best way to break down these goals is to look at the goal and break it down into small manageable steps that will enable you to work towards reaching your goal.

For each smaller step it is best if you can break them down into SMART Goals.  This acronym stands for:

Specific – make each goal specific. Make your goal very clear.

Measurable – ensure you can measure your goal.

Achievable – is your goal achievable? This should be tied in with the 5th part – time bound.

Relevant – is this goal relevant to your main goal, will it help you to work towards it.

Time Bound – set a time scale for achieving your goal, again, be realistic with this.

You can find some examples of smart goals at https://fitsmallbusiness.com/smart-goals-examples/ you will also find a good template for your own on the page.

Committing to Your Goals

Now you need to make a commitment to reaching your overall goal. Give this a timescale and take this into consideration when setting your smaller goals. All your smaller goals timescales added together should be equal to the time you want to take to reach your overall goal.

 Now it would be best to break this down further into aneveryday time where possible.  This can even be 30 minutes to an hour each day and a few hours on the weekend.  The main objective here is to ensure you are constantly working towards  your goal

hard work and commitment = success
Hard work and commitment are always the key to success

Setting aside time each day creates good habits and these can be built on as time goes by.  Creating good habits in business can lead to great things. 

From being more productive to learning to manage your time more effectively.  Every positive habit you form will, in turn, help you build a stronger link towards reaching your goal.


Now, most people find this difficult to do if they are working on a personal goal or are starting in business for themselves.  There are ways around this but one of the most important things is to seriously commit to yourself.  After all, to reach your goals, you are investing in yourself. To learn, to grow, to move forward towards your BIG goal.

Ask your partner to support and help hold you accountable.  If you are part of a community or have business friends speak to them about helping hold you accountable.  You could also do the same for them.  A weekly or monthly progress check-in with someone can be most beneficial and if it someone who is working on their own goals, both will benefit.

There are also many apps out there now available for apple and android phones, tablets, desktops. These are also good for keeping track of your goals and most allow you to run many goals at the same time.  Since building a business is a multi-dimensional task, being able to run several goals at one time, being held accountable for each and able to track your progress is a great benefit.

Joe’s Goals –this is a basic but an easy to use app that will allow you to set multiple goals and keep track of them.

Goals On Track –this is a really great place for keeping all your goals together.  There is a charge for using this, but it is minimal compared to what you will get.  You will be able to set multiple goals, add vision boards and track all your stuff in one place.

ToodleDo – this not only allows you to set tasks or goals but you are also able to make lists, take long notes and form good habits too.  ToodleDo is great if you want to link up with others, share stuff or hold each other accountable.  If you have a business partner this is a great app to help everyone stay on track.

Have a look around and find one that covers as much as you need it too or spend a few days trying out different apps to find which one is most suited to you.  It may feel as if you are wasting a lot of time initially but if you find one that really suits you will benefit greatly from it.

These will save you time remembering what you’ve done towards each goal and putting it on paper.

I used to have my goals on paper and I was forever printing out updates as I worked through the tasks and smaller goals that it just made more sense to use an app and have everything in one place.

Celebrate Small Successes

Celebrate each small success along the way.  Each goal you achieve and each positive move forward, whether it is one you have worked towards or one that has come by chance.  By having small celebrations, it will keep you motivated and determined to stay on track and keep pushing forward.


It is entirely up to you how you celebrate.  You may want to let your hair down and head out with some mates or buy yourself something nice.  You may also want to tie in little treats and celebrations to individual goals.  Choose things that will make you feel good and are positive.