What is MLM? or Multi-Level Marketing

What is MLM or Referral Marketing?

human pyramid

MLM or multi-level marketing is also known as Network Marketing or Referral Marketing is a commission based system in which you can earn in 2 ways.  Firstly, you can earn from the sales you generate yourself and secondly from the sales that are generated from the people you recruit into the system.

Multi-level marketing is popular on the internet and many people use and promote this kind of work.  Many people may also refer to this as a pyramid system.  Pyramid systems are illegal, however Multi-level marketing systems can be very similar in many ways.  There is a very fine line and companies need to be very careful not to cross this line and jeopardize the business.

So by joining a Multi-level marketing network you are firstly and foremost becoming a salesperson.  You will be in charge of generating your own sales, placing these orders and distributing them to your own clients.  You will be, in effect, your own boss and responsible for generating your own income.

So what you are in effect doing is buying into a business distribution model.

Two of the biggest names at the moment that many people will recognize or have heard of that use this business model are Herbalife and Juice Plus.  Both of these companies do very well in this sector and have many thousands of distributors working for them.

How Does Multi-level marketing Work?

With many Multi-level marketing systems when you join you first must buy a kit or start-up package from the person who referred you.  This will be your own personal kit that you can use to promote and drive sales.  Kits can be actual products that you will demonstrate, catalogues that you can distribute to friends or family or around the neighbourhood and derive sales from (this is mainly done online nowadays), or information that you can sell.

Once you have your kit you will now be keen to start your business and get those sales in so you can make your first sales.  The person that referred you to this business will often be your mentor, team leader or use other such terms.  They will at first help and coach you to make sales and place orders.

This is the first and often most important aspect of your business.  The second is to recruit others that will possibly buy a kit through you and start doing what you are doing and you will become their mentor or team leader.  It is important that if you do chose this work that you concentrate on your own sales and really get to understand how this business model works before finding your own referrals.  You need to be confident and enthusiastic if you are going to bring in referrals and keep them.

What is a Compensation Plan?

A compensation plan is a way a chosen company chooses to structure payments and commissions for those employed by them.

Stack of Pennies

So you will have your commissions from the sales you make directly to your own clients.  You will also receive commissions from sales that people you recruit or refer into the company make, these are referred to as your downlines. Often this process of commissions will continue as your downlines refer people onto their downline.

The tiered commission system is what you will hear being referred to as the compensation plan. For every company, this is different so you should always take great care to look into these in depth for any individual company that you look at joining.  ensure that compensation %’s will provide you with a decent income for what you are doing.  In other words please do your math and ensure it is worth your time and effort.

MLM Work Lifestyle.

As a multi-level marketer, you will be your own boss and have your own distribution company.  You will be working from home in your own time, at your own pace.  This can be great as it allows you to set your own objectives and goals. You can set the hours that you work and which days you work or even which days you have free.  You WILL need to be self-motivated and focused to make this work and for it to become a steady income for you.

You can, however, grow your business to a size which suits you at your own pace.  Only you can make it work.  As with any job you will need to work at it, especially in the beginning.

Can I Make a Full-Time Income From This?

Some people debate greatly about this.  The short answer is yes.  If you are good at sales and can manage your business well, be focused and driven there can be some good money to be made within a good company with a good compensation structure.$100 bill

At first, while you start to grow or scale your business your income may not be that great and you may also have bad weeks or months where commissions are lower.  These are all things that you need to consider. As with any new business it takes time to grow your income so where possible this could be started alongside your existing job.

Some people debate this as the whole pyramid scheme like business comes under great scrutiny. Pyramid schemes and shoddy Multi-level marketing schemes tend to advertise great earning potential but often this tends to be for the people high up in the business.

If you do wish to pursue this as a business I suggest that you really do your research and make sure that the earning, commission or compensation plan is worth your while.  Ensure the company you are joining is reputable and pays on time.

Most of what you will earn will be from sales that you make to your clients. Another small percentage will be from those people that you recruit into the business.  Always be aware that you can and probably will be pushed to recruit more and more people.  It needs to be up to you if this will be worth the extra effort to make the desired amount of income.


No matter which online business you decide is right for you my greatest advice is to do your research thoroughly before jumping on board and parting with any money.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

chain links

Affiliate marketing is where you will promote products or services for another company or person.  These can be physical, digital or informational products that are sold online.  For each product sold through your marketing of the product, you will be paid a percentage or commission of the sale. Percentages and commission are very varied depending on the products, company and your own personal ability.

Why doesn’t the company promote the products themselves?

Most companies do promote their own products but they have also realised that by allowing people to affiliate with them and promote the products that

  • They can reach an audience that they themselves may not reach or target with their own advertising methods.
  • That the majority of people these days are online and it opens up a huge market that they could just not cover themselves.
  • It is more cost efficient for a company to allow others to promote their products and pay them a percentage of a sale that they helped to create.
  • It is easier for a company to employ say one person to produce text links or banners for affiliate partners to use than to employ 100’s if not 1000’s of people to drive sales.  Imagine all the wages they save on by using affiliate marketers.

How does it work?


Once you register as an affiliate with a company you will be given a unique affiliate code to use.  This can be in text links, picture and text links or banners.  Through your unique code attached to the aforementioned links and banners, they can track the customers who visit their sites and/or buy products from them.  This is how they know how much to pay you.

These links will redirect anyone who clicks on them to the company’s website where a cookie will track what they do on that site.  Many of the companies use cookies that last more than just one session, standard cookie sessions last about 30 days.

This means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link and goes to a website but doesn’t buy a product on that visit (they may want to research it a little first or read a review on it), but they choose to then go back directly to the site and complete a purchase at a later date, that cookie will pick up where it left off and you will still be credited for the sale that that person made.

Everyone’s a winner!

Using this process means that everyone wins. The company makes a sale and has a new customer, who may continue to buy from them.  You are paid and are building your online presence, audience and own business. The customer has a new product or has solved a problem.  Depending on how you delivered the link you may have gave the customer valuable information before the purchase.  This is especially true if you have maybe written a review of a product and then attached an affiliate link on the page as to where the customer can purchase the product.

How much will you be paid?

ball of money (notes)

This varies greatly but you will always know what the percentage is before agreeing to market the products.  At the low end this can be around 4-10% but on the higher end where maybe you are promoting a digital product, commissions can be as high as 75%.

Another thing to consider is if you are promoting a product that has a recurring payment whether monthly, quarterly or annually you will also be eligible for commission on these.

So if you promote an online study course that has a recurring monthly payment of say $49 a month and you get a 50% commission for the sale you could have a recurring monthly income from that 1 sale of $24.50.

So if your affiliate link to that site brings 10 customers that is a monthly income of $245.00 for the time that the customer stays enrolled.  That is just with one link, normally you will be promoting multiple products at any one time.

Can I make a full-time income from this?

Yes. Many people do.  This can also depend on what way you choose to market and if you have any money to get you started.  You may choose to use a website to display your affiliate links and there are some ways you can build a website and have it hosted for free. Although these sites tend to take longer to rank within search engines it can be done.  Some people use social media to share their links and get started earning. Some even share these with family members and friends at the start.

Most people start doing this alongside their fulltime jobs, then either cut their hours if they can while scaling the business then eventually can go full time earning online.  Some people can even treble and quadruple their current incomes in less than a year.


Where do I use or market my links?

There are many ways to market the products that you choose to affiliate with and this part is really up to you.  Please take some time to explore these, you may use one or multiple ways to share your links. Some of the most common ways to get traffic clicking on your links and banners are Facebook ads, your own website or blog site, email marketing, pay per click campaigns, Youtube reviews.  The online world is basically your oyster and you can learn how to market in many different ways, the choice will be up to you.

This is not a complete list but this gives you an idea of the many ways you can advertise your links. Have a look around the internet and study how other people are doing it.  Once you do this you will start to notice that there are marketing adverts everywhere.  Use this to help you think of how and where you want to be placing yours.

I hope this gives you a bit more of an understanding and a base knowledge to allow you to further research this yourself.

Desktop Commission System Scam Review


This is a system like many others out there.  Full of hype and stories of unbelievable success and stories of people going from broke to earning huge amounts of money in DAYS!  They will tell you how they only need to work for 20 minutes a day or simply a few clicks will produce these huge amounts of money.

They really push the rags to riches stories with this type of scam and these scams are normally delivered straight to your inbox.  Whether you have maybe given your email for more information about making money online, earning money online, looked at bitcoin trading, it could be literally anything.  Heck, I even get them through visiting sites when researching to actually review these scams!

Most of these emails will have a little bit of text telling you how you can be making thousands of dollars by buying into a system, they then normally have a link that will take you to the video supposedly explaining how it works.  Although you are still none the wiser of the actual workings of this system by the time the video ends.

At the start of the video, it asks you “not to share”, “keep the secret”, says how this is a “confidential video”.

The video even touches on the number of scams and rip-offs out there.  States that in order to make big money you must take risks.

They are also putting up 99% of the costs to set up this system for you!  A ready-made system that you can copy and is fully automated after you spend just 20 minutes setting it up.  Too generous you think?

Of course, it is.  You still don’t have any clue what you are being asked for money for, no understanding of how the system works, you are just left with a timer or spaces left counter to try and entice you to part with your money.

This is a psychological trick used by many scam systems.  It is used to make you think you may be losing out on something important.  To make you think you may be letting something miraculous slip through your fingers.  But if you leave that email in your inbox and check it again a few days later you will see those same countdown timers the next time you check it.

>>>>>>See how I have created my online income here <<<<<<<<

Website Name: desktop commission system

Website URL: desktopcommissionsystem.com

Owner: uses the name, Jeff Carr

Type of Product: commission funnels

Scam or Useful: SCAM

My Opinion:

In my opinion, this is just another scam, promising you the world but most likely to leave you worse off financially, mentally and emotionally.

I always urge anyone who receives emails that seem too good to be true to ensure that they really look into and study these before you part with any money.

Again if you read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page you will see the statements such as “the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”.

You may also notice that it states they use “paid actors” within the video.

Pushbuttonsystem Scam Review


From the get-go, this site is offering and enticing you with ridiculous claims of making thousands of pounds per day by just pushing one button!

If you have landed on the sales page you would probably watch some of the videos that make these claims.  People stating that they have made $20 – $30 thousand dollars by just pushing a button.  You would also have seen Jay driving his sports car and entering a big house.

At no point in this video does he actually tell you what the system is or how it works!

Another HUGE RED FLAG is if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will be able to read the disclaimer.  In fact, this disclaimer totally contradicts what he is telling you on the video.

Read this picture of the disclaimer below.

He states NO ACTORS yet the disclaimer says they used actors in making the video

He also states on many occasions about the amount of money you will make by PUSHING THE BUTTON, yet the disclaimer clearly states that “the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”

Website Name: Pushbuttonsystem

Website URL: Pushbuttonsystem.com

Owner:  Goes by the name of Jay Brown

Type of Product: online trading

Scam or Not: SCAM

My Opinion:  

This is without a doubt, in my mind, a scam.  You will pay the special discounted price of $37 for the system.  You will then be asked for an initial deposit of $250 to start your trading account.  Then if you wish you can push the button and see where it gets you.  In my opinion probably out of pocket.

If I were you I would stay well clear and remember to always read the disclaimer on these sites and research them before paying out any money.

Home Based Business-Scams, What to Look Out For

                  scam alert stamp      Home Based Business-Scams       scam alert stamp

Here at Work Up Online, we want to help you spot online scams before you fall victim and lose money to these fraudsters!  There are many ways that you can spot scams for yourself, but, if in doubt go online and find a reputable site and read the reviews.  Maybe even visit a few of these review sites to get a better picture.

Too good to be true offers!

As soon as you start looking online for business opportunities or how to go about creating an online business these fraudsters get their hands on your email address. When you first start looking like I myself did, you start to sign up for a few things, mainly information in the forms of PDF files or websites offering to help. This is how they get their hands on your email address, which is fine, only annoying. You will then start to receive emails promising you the world! This is when you need to know what to look for in the form of SCAMS.

When I first started out I was getting literally dozens of these emails every day, many of them were duplicate emails from different sources.  They may have had different headings, different senders but similar content in the actual emails but most had a link pointing the same scams.

The following information will give you an idea of how they operate and what to look out for. If in any doubt you can always search it. E.g. type the company name + scam into the search bar and see what comes up. It is worth checking out. 5 minutes of your time is better than lightening your wallet or purse.

What are the main attributes for any online business scams?

scam alert stamp

Promises of making fast easy cash

Most of these fast, easy cash schemes are nothing more than taking your money from you and gambling with it on your behalf.  This can be in the form of automated betting schemes, funnel systems and some bitcoin trading systems.

If you want to earn money online and at home you need to be willing to work for it.  There are good reputable sites and systems out there so don’t lose hope.  It can be done!

Try to sell you a business or business product at highly reduced prices.

Some will try to sell you businesses or business blueprints and or systems for a highly reduced price. Normally stating that the product is worth two three hundred dollars or GBP. You may actually even receive these, but, often if you do there will be nothing telling you how to go about implementing the business or using the system.

Sometimes this is only to get you further into the trap and you may even then be asked for more money before your accounts are set up or for initial deposits to help you make money. Normally this is done when they are using trading software or have sold you trading software to use at home.

Some that offer business blueprints may then need you to enroll on a course to learn to use them and further your now bought business.  Of course these courses may also be at largely reduced prices!

 Tell you there are limited spots left.

They will often play psychological games, playing on your fear of missing out or fear of letting an opportunity pass you by.

They know if you are looking to make money online, whether it be part-time, full time or to help subsidize your current income that you fall into one of their easy categories.

  • A stay at home parent, looking to make money online.
  • Someone in ill health, disabled or someone who has trouble finding and keeping work or who wants to work around illnesses or disabilities.
  • People struggling to pay off debts and looking for a way out of debt.
  • Someone really unhappy in their current job or desperate to get out the rat race that we have as a working life.

Many people in these situations can feel a desperation to overcome these obstacles in search of financial freedom or even financial stability.  I know I have and know many others who have too.  It is not something to be shameful of but it can make you more vulnerable and susceptible to falling into these traps.

Accompanied by a video?

Many of the emails you receive with offers will have a link taking you to a video. This is normally where there is a sidebar with remaining spots left and/or a countdown timer.  This is a psychological trick, it is used to provoke a fear.  Fear of missing out or fear of letting something valuable slip through your fingers.

These videos are normally made using paid actors. The people behind these scams do not want anyone really knowing their identity. They sometimes use fake names and definitely do not want to appear in a video trying to sell you stuff when they know they are scamming you. You will sometimes notice that in the disclaimer there will be a sentence similar to:

“Testimonials in this video sales letter are paid actors portraying the results of the owners in real life situations”

The owners meaning the people that created this model/business/scam.

The Disclaimer

Always scroll to the bottom of the page and read the disclaimer. You will most likely find that while the video has made some pretty bold statements about earning all this money the disclaimer depicts a very different picture.


“The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”

“does not guarantee income or success”

“do not represent an indication of future success or earnings”

Below is an example of a scam disclaimer

screenshot of disclaimer


Of course, there are other online business scams such as Data Entry work, Envelope Stuffing, Craft Assembly to name a few.  Very few of these have good earning potential but are posted in many places offering work online or at home so be aware of these too.  I will cover these in another post soon.

Start your Own Business, Working from Home

So you’ve decided you want to start your own business and effectively be your own boss working from home?


This is a dream for many people and many people wonder where they should start and how to go about it.  The thing is that this can be different for many people.  Some people may have no commitments and are able to devote as much time as they can to this, others will be starting their business while juggling a full time job and family.

How long it takes you to get a business up and running and bringing in money will depend on your circumstances and how much time you can allocate to your business.

A word of warning to you if you are looking online. If you are looking at working from home or starting a home based business. There are many people and sites on here offering get rich quick schemes or scams should I say.

To build a good business takes hard work and time.  Online businesses can come and go in the blink of an eye these days.  Mostly because the people behind them are not willing to stay with it and put the work in to get the desired results.  It sometimes takes a few attempts to get a successful business up and running and some tweaks here and there to get it going and keep it going.

The one thing to remember is you are not just building a business, you are building a brand, you are building trust, and you are building a relationship between you /your business and the user/client/customer.  All of these things take time and hard work but you will reap the rewards of your dedication in the end.

Whatever business you decide to go into, do your research, keep your end goals in sight and stay focused.

Lastly I wish you the best of luck and every success.  Now go be your own boss and enjoy it!



Which Business is Right for YOU?

This really is up to you, you are the only person that can really decide this.  You should know your own strengths, weaknesses and passions.

Take your time to look at different online businesses, all the pro’s and cons that you can think of for each one, taking into account your strengths and weaknesses.  Remember that we are not all spot on with what we think our strengths and weaknesses are!  Maybe take some time to ask friends or colleagues for their thoughts.

Also take into account that you will learn and grow through this process so you don’t always need to be super at all aspects at first.  You CAN and WILL learn many new skills throughout your new venture.

You may want to look and see if there is any free or cheap training in your chosen business market.  There are some really good sites out there that you can sign up to which will provide training and help you build your business for a reasonable fee.  If you do wish to do this I recommend you look for a programme that gives you real value for your money.  3 things that will be invaluable to when starting out these are:

PROOF, are they successful in this field themselves?

MENTORSHIP, can they mentor you or have a community base that will help mentor you?

ACCOUNTABILITY, a person or community that will check in with you and make sure you are continuing to move forward with training, business and personal growth.  You can maybe even pair up with a community member to check in with you.  If you have someone to be accountable to you will be more likely to strive to meet targets or reach goals.


Working At Home, Some Pointers

Here are some suggestions of what I have found helpful and myself try to stick to when working from home.

  • Have a proper work space – this doesn’t need to be anything elaborate.  A table and chair somewhere that you can sit comfortably with your laptop, computer and such.  Ensure you have some extra space for taking notes, jotting down ideas or making plans.
  • Speak to house members– for some people starting out they may not want to share their venture or plans at first for fear of failure or being judged.  I am not saying to tell them everything, but, let them know that you will be using this space to learn and work.  Sometimes you may need to emphasis the word work, especially if you are going to be putting a lot of hours in.  Ask them to take your efforts seriously and ask them not to disturb you. Ask that they give you the same respect and uninterrupted time  that they would if you was  AT work out of the home.  It is not uncommon for someone working from home to have their partners expect them to do all the housework and run errands all day.
  • Set working times – these can change from week to week or even day to day.  Try to set working hours on a weekly basis at first and stick to them.  If you already work full time maybe an hour or two each night and a few hours at the weekend.  If you don’t work you should still try to set hours.  If you can approach it focused and as work you will often find you are more productive.  You will not build a business having long lies or watching the TV.
  • Organize and plan your work – set daily or weekly goals. Break your goals down.  Split it into research or training and work tasks.  Try writing these down and tick them off as you complete them.  This can help keep you focused and give a sense of achievement once complete.  This will also help when you evaluate your work which I will speak about further on.
  • Take regular breaks – sitting at a computer can be hard on the eyes and reading and writing can be mentally taxing.  Take regular breaks, 5-10 mins should be enough.  Get up, do some stretching, make yourself a drink or take in some fresh air.
  • Keep records – if you are wanting to make this your business you are going to need to keep some records.  What you spend or put into the business – start-up costs! (If you are buying sites or signing up for and paying for training etc.) Any income generated by the business, these should be kept for tax purposes.  As your business grows you may want to employ someone to do this for you.  If you start keeping records from the outset it will save you a lot of time when it comes book keeping later on.
  • Evaluate your work – try to take time to evaluate what you are doing on a regular basis.  Ask yourself lots of questions and answer truthfully.  E.g. do I work better in the morning or the evening?  Are there things that distract me from working?  How much time do I spend researching, writing, training or learning?  Are these balanced and productive?

As your business grows you will need to evaluate many aspects of your business.  E.g. what is making you money v what doesn’t, what programmes make life easier and which are more hassle.  As your business grows and you need to employ people such as ghost writers,  copy writers, proofreader etc.you will need to evaluate how they work and how you employ them.

By evaluating yourself and your work in the beginning it will be easier and more natural when it comes to evaluating the bigger stuff.



Another very important area which you will learn becomes important and comes to work hand in hand with starting your own business is your own personal development.  This should go without saying that you will grow with your business but this will become more apparent as you start to grow your business and I will look at this further in another post.

If you are wanting to get started why not sign up to our newsletters and get useful tips, information and insights for starting and growing your own business.

Wealthy Affiliate – 2018 Review

WA Introduction

Hello and welcome, my name is Michelle and welcome to my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

In the past year, I have become tired of working hard to make other people money.  I want MY hard work to make ME money not someone else. Do YOU feel the same?

Don’t get me wrong when I first made the decision to become my own boss and work for myself I done what you are doing right now, online research!  It is a minefield out there with so many sites and people promising you get rich quick schemes, all the scams and some low paid online work.  My brain was frazzled after a few days so I really hope that my reviews can help you out.  I hope I can save you time and wasted money and point you in the right direction.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is not only an online training programme but also a community.

Wealthy Affiliate was created by two young men, Kyle and Carson, in 2005.  After spending a few years of hard graft and learning what it took to become successful internet marketers.  Through trial and error, learning the trade and finding the right tools they launched Wealthy Affiliate.  Using their own knowledge they applied this to Wealthy Affiliate. The programme has everything you need to create your own online business and is very regularly updated so it is always at the forefront in its field.

Is It For You?

If you want to earn money online, become your own boss and build a successful business then my answer to you would be YES.

If you are willing to spend some time learning and working alongside some of the top affiliate marketers out there then this is the place for you.

If you are a student, stay at home parent, a parent with spare time, retired, looking for a second income, looking for a full-time income and to become your own boss then this can work for you.  In fact, it can work for anyone who can put in some time to it.  In fact, you can have your first site up and running within a few hours.

Will it Make You Rich Overnight?

LOL NO!  Like any good business, it takes some time to grow.  But with Wealthy Affiliate, you will have everything you need grow your own business at your fingertips.

Name – Wealthy Affiliate

Owners – Kyle and Carson

Website URLwww.wealthyaffiliate.com

Training – 5 + 7 training modules, training regularly updated, extra webinars

Support – 24/7 support from the community in real time and your own personal mentor

Website Builder – Site Rubix,  inc. plugins, research tools, themes and templates

Success – if you put in the work you are sure to succeed, just read the success stories once you join (warning they can become addictive and keep you from working lol)

PriceFree to join and $49 per month if you wish to upgrade to premium

Workuponline.com Rating– this is THEE best affiliate programme around and you have NOTHING TO LOSE as it is FREE to join and you can start training immediately.

—–>>Try for FREE here <<——

What Sets Wealthy Affiliate Apart?

Firstly you can sign up for free to try it yourself.  Even free sign up allows you to access your first training course and create 2 of your VERY OWN websites.  This allows you to use the tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate to get your business off the ground FOR FREE!

Secondly, the training you receive at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none.  I believe this training course is the #1 online affiliate course today.  The training takes you to step by step through the process of setting up your sites, choosing niches, creating content, getting traffic, building your business through social media.

Thirdly you have a great community to help you.  Everyone at wealthy affiliate is helpful.  If you join you are joining a true community.  There are over 100,000 members there to help.  Where else will you be able to tap into the knowledge of amazing people who have been doing this for years?  You have help and guidance 24/7 from this community with questions being answered in real time if you ever need help.

What Can You Expect if You Join?

  • 24/7 support
  • Access to training via online classrooms, videos and blogs from more experienced marketers
  • Access to a wealth of knowledge from the community
  • Additional webinars
  • 2 free websites – includes plugins, content templates, and themes
  • Fast and secure hosting provided by Wealthy Affiliate
  • No upsells or hidden costs
  • A completely transparent programme that delivers
  • Additional webinars