Start your Own Business, Working from Home

So you’ve decided you want to start your own business and effectively be your own boss working from home?


This is a dream for many people and many people wonder where they should start and how to go about it.  The thing is that this can be different for many people.  Some people may have no commitments and are able to devote as much time as they can to this, others will be starting their business while juggling a full time job and family.

How long it takes you to get a business up and running and bringing in money will depend on your circumstances and how much time you can allocate to your business.

A word of warning to you if you are looking online. If you are looking at working from home or starting a home based business. There are many people and sites on here offering get rich quick schemes or scams should I say.

To build a good business takes hard work and time.  Online businesses can come and go in the blink of an eye these days.  Mostly because the people behind them are not willing to stay with it and put the work in to get the desired results.  It sometimes takes a few attempts to get a successful business up and running and some tweaks here and there to get it going and keep it going.

The one thing to remember is you are not just building a business, you are building a brand, you are building trust, and you are building a relationship between you /your business and the user/client/customer.  All of these things take time and hard work but you will reap the rewards of your dedication in the end.

Whatever business you decide to go into, do your research, keep your end goals in sight and stay focused.

Lastly I wish you the best of luck and every success.  Now go be your own boss and enjoy it!



Which Business is Right for YOU?

This really is up to you, you are the only person that can really decide this.  You should know your own strengths, weaknesses and passions.

Take your time to look at different online businesses, all the pro’s and cons that you can think of for each one, taking into account your strengths and weaknesses.  Remember that we are not all spot on with what we think our strengths and weaknesses are!  Maybe take some time to ask friends or colleagues for their thoughts.

Also take into account that you will learn and grow through this process so you don’t always need to be super at all aspects at first.  You CAN and WILL learn many new skills throughout your new venture.

You may want to look and see if there is any free or cheap training in your chosen business market.  There are some really good sites out there that you can sign up to which will provide training and help you build your business for a reasonable fee.  If you do wish to do this I recommend you look for a programme that gives you real value for your money.  3 things that will be invaluable to when starting out these are:

PROOF, are they successful in this field themselves?

MENTORSHIP, can they mentor you or have a community base that will help mentor you?

ACCOUNTABILITY, a person or community that will check in with you and make sure you are continuing to move forward with training, business and personal growth.  You can maybe even pair up with a community member to check in with you.  If you have someone to be accountable to you will be more likely to strive to meet targets or reach goals.


Working At Home, Some Pointers

Here are some suggestions of what I have found helpful and myself try to stick to when working from home.

  • Have a proper work space – this doesn’t need to be anything elaborate.  A table and chair somewhere that you can sit comfortably with your laptop, computer and such.  Ensure you have some extra space for taking notes, jotting down ideas or making plans.
  • Speak to house members– for some people starting out they may not want to share their venture or plans at first for fear of failure or being judged.  I am not saying to tell them everything, but, let them know that you will be using this space to learn and work.  Sometimes you may need to emphasis the word work, especially if you are going to be putting a lot of hours in.  Ask them to take your efforts seriously and ask them not to disturb you. Ask that they give you the same respect and uninterrupted time  that they would if you was  AT work out of the home.  It is not uncommon for someone working from home to have their partners expect them to do all the housework and run errands all day.
  • Set working times – these can change from week to week or even day to day.  Try to set working hours on a weekly basis at first and stick to them.  If you already work full time maybe an hour or two each night and a few hours at the weekend.  If you don’t work you should still try to set hours.  If you can approach it focused and as work you will often find you are more productive.  You will not build a business having long lies or watching the TV.
  • Organize and plan your work – set daily or weekly goals. Break your goals down.  Split it into research or training and work tasks.  Try writing these down and tick them off as you complete them.  This can help keep you focused and give a sense of achievement once complete.  This will also help when you evaluate your work which I will speak about further on.
  • Take regular breaks – sitting at a computer can be hard on the eyes and reading and writing can be mentally taxing.  Take regular breaks, 5-10 mins should be enough.  Get up, do some stretching, make yourself a drink or take in some fresh air.
  • Keep records – if you are wanting to make this your business you are going to need to keep some records.  What you spend or put into the business – start-up costs! (If you are buying sites or signing up for and paying for training etc.) Any income generated by the business, these should be kept for tax purposes.  As your business grows you may want to employ someone to do this for you.  If you start keeping records from the outset it will save you a lot of time when it comes book keeping later on.
  • Evaluate your work – try to take time to evaluate what you are doing on a regular basis.  Ask yourself lots of questions and answer truthfully.  E.g. do I work better in the morning or the evening?  Are there things that distract me from working?  How much time do I spend researching, writing, training or learning?  Are these balanced and productive?

As your business grows you will need to evaluate many aspects of your business.  E.g. what is making you money v what doesn’t, what programmes make life easier and which are more hassle.  As your business grows and you need to employ people such as ghost writers,  copy writers, proofreader will need to evaluate how they work and how you employ them.

By evaluating yourself and your work in the beginning it will be easier and more natural when it comes to evaluating the bigger stuff.



Another very important area which you will learn becomes important and comes to work hand in hand with starting your own business is your own personal development.  This should go without saying that you will grow with your business but this will become more apparent as you start to grow your business and I will look at this further in another post.

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  1. I have no money to get started, is there any way I can start a business without having money to put into it first. I have no commitments and can work hard, is that enough


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