Desktop Commission System Scam Review


This is a system like many others out there.  Full of hype and stories of unbelievable success and stories of people going from broke to earning huge amounts of money in DAYS!  They will tell you how they only need to work for 20 minutes a day or simply a few clicks will produce these huge amounts of money.

They really push the rags to riches stories with this type of scam and these scams are normally delivered straight to your inbox.  Whether you have maybe given your email for more information about making money online, earning money online, looked at bitcoin trading, it could be literally anything.  Heck, I even get them through visiting sites when researching to actually review these scams!

Most of these emails will have a little bit of text telling you how you can be making thousands of dollars by buying into a system, they then normally have a link that will take you to the video supposedly explaining how it works.  Although you are still none the wiser of the actual workings of this system by the time the video ends.

At the start of the video, it asks you “not to share”, “keep the secret”, says how this is a “confidential video”.

The video even touches on the number of scams and rip-offs out there.  States that in order to make big money you must take risks.

They are also putting up 99% of the costs to set up this system for you!  A ready-made system that you can copy and is fully automated after you spend just 20 minutes setting it up.  Too generous you think?

Of course, it is.  You still don’t have any clue what you are being asked for money for, no understanding of how the system works, you are just left with a timer or spaces left counter to try and entice you to part with your money.

This is a psychological trick used by many scam systems.  It is used to make you think you may be losing out on something important.  To make you think you may be letting something miraculous slip through your fingers.  But if you leave that email in your inbox and check it again a few days later you will see those same countdown timers the next time you check it.

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Website Name: desktop commission system

Website URL:

Owner: uses the name, Jeff Carr

Type of Product: commission funnels

Scam or Useful: SCAM

My Opinion:

In my opinion, this is just another scam, promising you the world but most likely to leave you worse off financially, mentally and emotionally.

I always urge anyone who receives emails that seem too good to be true to ensure that they really look into and study these before you part with any money.

Again if you read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page you will see the statements such as “the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”.

You may also notice that it states they use “paid actors” within the video.


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