Home Based Business-Scams, What to Look Out For

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Here at Work Up Online, we want to help you spot online scams before you fall victim and lose money to these fraudsters!  There are many ways that you can spot scams for yourself, but, if in doubt go online and find a reputable site and read the reviews.  Maybe even visit a few of these review sites to get a better picture.

Too good to be true offers!

As soon as you start looking online for business opportunities or how to go about creating an online business these fraudsters get their hands on your email address. When you first start looking like I myself did, you start to sign up for a few things, mainly information in the forms of PDF files or websites offering to help. This is how they get their hands on your email address, which is fine, only annoying. You will then start to receive emails promising you the world! This is when you need to know what to look for in the form of SCAMS.

When I first started out I was getting literally dozens of these emails every day, many of them were duplicate emails from different sources.  They may have had different headings, different senders but similar content in the actual emails but most had a link pointing the same scams.

The following information will give you an idea of how they operate and what to look out for. If in any doubt you can always search it. E.g. type the company name + scam into the search bar and see what comes up. It is worth checking out. 5 minutes of your time is better than lightening your wallet or purse.

What are the main attributes for any online business scams?

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Promises of making fast easy cash

Most of these fast, easy cash schemes are nothing more than taking your money from you and gambling with it on your behalf.  This can be in the form of automated betting schemes, funnel systems and some bitcoin trading systems.

If you want to earn money online and at home you need to be willing to work for it.  There are good reputable sites and systems out there so don’t lose hope.  It can be done!

Try to sell you a business or business product at highly reduced prices.

Some will try to sell you businesses or business blueprints and or systems for a highly reduced price. Normally stating that the product is worth two three hundred dollars or GBP. You may actually even receive these, but, often if you do there will be nothing telling you how to go about implementing the business or using the system.

Sometimes this is only to get you further into the trap and you may even then be asked for more money before your accounts are set up or for initial deposits to help you make money. Normally this is done when they are using trading software or have sold you trading software to use at home.

Some that offer business blueprints may then need you to enroll on a course to learn to use them and further your now bought business.  Of course these courses may also be at largely reduced prices!

 Tell you there are limited spots left.

They will often play psychological games, playing on your fear of missing out or fear of letting an opportunity pass you by.

They know if you are looking to make money online, whether it be part-time, full time or to help subsidize your current income that you fall into one of their easy categories.

  • A stay at home parent, looking to make money online.
  • Someone in ill health, disabled or someone who has trouble finding and keeping work or who wants to work around illnesses or disabilities.
  • People struggling to pay off debts and looking for a way out of debt.
  • Someone really unhappy in their current job or desperate to get out the rat race that we have as a working life.

Many people in these situations can feel a desperation to overcome these obstacles in search of financial freedom or even financial stability.  I know I have and know many others who have too.  It is not something to be shameful of but it can make you more vulnerable and susceptible to falling into these traps.

Accompanied by a video?

Many of the emails you receive with offers will have a link taking you to a video. This is normally where there is a sidebar with remaining spots left and/or a countdown timer.  This is a psychological trick, it is used to provoke a fear.  Fear of missing out or fear of letting something valuable slip through your fingers.

These videos are normally made using paid actors. The people behind these scams do not want anyone really knowing their identity. They sometimes use fake names and definitely do not want to appear in a video trying to sell you stuff when they know they are scamming you. You will sometimes notice that in the disclaimer there will be a sentence similar to:

“Testimonials in this video sales letter are paid actors portraying the results of the owners in real life situations”

The owners meaning the people that created this model/business/scam.

The Disclaimer

Always scroll to the bottom of the page and read the disclaimer. You will most likely find that while the video has made some pretty bold statements about earning all this money the disclaimer depicts a very different picture.


“The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”

“does not guarantee income or success”

“do not represent an indication of future success or earnings”

Below is an example of a scam disclaimer

screenshot of disclaimer


Of course, there are other online business scams such as Data Entry work, Envelope Stuffing, Craft Assembly to name a few.  Very few of these have good earning potential but are posted in many places offering work online or at home so be aware of these too.  I will cover these in another post soon.


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