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Keyword Research

Whether you are new to working online or have been doing it for some time but with limited results, we are going to show you how to rank better by doing your keyword research. An integral part of online research for successful content creation and ranking.


What Are Keywords

  • Keywords are words or phrases used or entered into search engines or search queries if using voice searches that people use when they want to find something online.
  • Keywords are words or phrases that are relevant to your topic, niche or business and are terms searched by people who may become your client, audience or buyers.
  • Keywords can be in website names, titles, subheadings, content, etc.
  • Keywords are what brings organic traffic to your site when people search in google, bing, yahoo or any other search bar online.
  • Keywords are a large part of SEO (search engine optimization) on your website or online business. This also includes Youtube videos, pictures, in social media platforms. Anything that is searched can be classed as a keyword.

The above covers some but not all of why keywords are so important in any content that you create to put online. In essence, keywords are important for you ranking in search pages, thus allowing you to drive customers.

Keywords and Traffic

As I mentioned above keywords are what bring organic traffic to your website, those who get to your site by simply search for a word or phrase then see your site listed on SERP’s (search engine results page), then click into your website.

You see, keywords also help you to get ranked in search engines and the higher you rank the more chance you have of people discovering your site or business, therefore, the more organic traffic you will get. Organic traffic is one of the best traffic sources as it is FREE traffic. It comes straight from results pages, this means that that traffic is drawn straight from search pages.

You can also get free traffic through sharing your work, pages, videos, content through several social media channels too but straight up from search requires less work from you.

So, how do rank high on search engines? Well, this is all about SEO but doing proper keyword research and inserting that into your content is a KEY element in your SEO endeavours.

Why Use Keyword Research

Finding the Right Keyword Tool

So how do you go about doing keyword research? You get a good keyword research tool and use it to the best of its ability. There are many of these tools out there all doing a similar job and when used correctly provide you with valuable information about keywords and related keywords that you can use when you are planning your content that is going to go online.

Some online keyword tool sites I have come across are wordtracker, ubbersuggest, keywordtool and Jaaxy. Most of these can be used as free keyword tools to start with. This allows you to try out what one works best for you and lets you try it before committing to any kind of price plan.

Now Jaaxy is the one I use and have done since starting online. I have tried a few others but I just find Jaaxy the easiest to use. It provides me with all the information I need when doing my research as well as suggestions and an area where I can check rank, check affiliate programmes, brainstorm for keywords and related phrases and save everything for use at a later time or date.

Choosing Your Keywords

Before you start your keyword research you will, of course, have a rough idea of what keywords you are going to be researching. Maybe you have a blog idea, have created a video that you are putting online, created a new page on your site that you wish to rank.

You will start by typing in the keyword you have in mind, enter then you will see a list of results as follows.


As you can see I searched the word “keyword” and the results have shown me a list of keywords or related terms to that word. There is a large list I have simply just shown you the top few.

Now with this search, Jaaxy also provides you with other information besides the keyword or key phrase and this is important information that you can use to help you with your keyword research. So let’s see what they mean.

AVG (Average) – This is the average amount of times in 1 month that people search the exact keyword or phrase shown next to the results. So the word “keyword” has been searched 12,264 times in the past months.

Traffic – this is the amount of traffic you could potentially get by using the keyword if you rank on the first page of search results.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is the amount of competition, in other words, how many other websites are ranking or competing for this particular keyword.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – tells you the quality of the keyword and in Jaaxy this is ranked by Great – green, Normal – yellow and Poor – red.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – A score based on traffic and competition, a score is given between 1 – 100 and the higher the score the more likely it is that you will be able to rank for this keyword.

Note – the results also give you a list of related keywords and the results for those too. This allows you to see other keywords that you can use that may help you rank better when used.

Having all this information will allow you to choose which keywords are going to be more valuable to you and enable you to rank higher, thus gaining more traffic to your site which, should mean more conversions, sales, clients etc depending on the type of service you provide.

A good rule of thumb that I use is QSR, low or under 100 where possible. KQI, great or green and SEO above 80 is I can get it with a given keyword.

related keywords and phrases

Now you want to be ranking for more than just 1 keyword so while you are looking through these results it is good to take a note of other keywords in this section that you may be able to use in your content. You can actually save this on Jaaxy if you check the box besides the keyword it will give you the option to save these.


Beside your keywords search results, you will also see a box that shows you related keywords and phrases. These can be taken note of and used when it comes to creating your content too.

If you click on one of these related keywords it will search that keyword of phrase and again give you all the information you need to make a decision whether to use it in your content.

So by starting with one keyword and doing proper research, you are able to see what keywords you can use that will allow or help you to rank. Remember the higher you rank the greater chance you have of driving traffic to your site for free.

This is especially useful when first starting out and trying to build domain authority within your niche or business sector.

Keywords for Ranking

If you are just starting out in the online world please take note and do your keyword research. Many people focus way too much on just creating content and add keywords and tags from the post or the top of their head and hope for the best.

I have done this myself way back when I started. You may get some traffic and think things are going well but you still aren’t ranking in any of the top pages. I’m not even just talking about the first page here, I’m talking about the first 4 or 5 even. You may have the odd post where you do your research that doesn’t quite rank but this may be because there are too many of you competing for that particular keyword. Remember those with domain authority competing for the same keyword will normally always rank higher but you can outsmart most by really researching those keywords and incorporating them into your content.

If you have been in the online world slightly longer but have had trouble ranking and gaining domain authority and seeing your traffic improve, this is likely why. You haven’t researched and tried to rank for set keywords. You have most probably just taken keywords from your content and stuck them in hoping for the best. Am I right?


If you have done this not all is lost. You could go back over some of your older posts and update them. Using proper keyword research related to your content, add, update or rewrite some of the posts and then see what impact that has on your rankings.

**Remember if you do this, you must resubmit those URLs or that content to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Toolbox. That way your content can be recrawled and updated in search engines.

This can be a timely process but can be really worth it in the end. If you don’t want to redo old content at least start doing your keyword research for all new content that you create. That way if you start ranking better and gaining more traffic to your site from new content they may still discover that old content while there. Maybe once you see the results from keyword research you will reconsider going back and make changes once you do have time.


Remember to Use Keywords or Phrases that Make Sense

Another thing that I feel is worth mentioning is to use keyword phrases that make sense to people. Think of your audience here, if you are using a keyword phrase such as “keyword importance”, how many people do you think would type a simple phrase into a search bar? They would probably be more likely to search the term “why are keywords important” or “the importance of keywords”. This is simply because it makes more sense. We tend to type or search for things using terms as to how we speak and now with Google, Alexa and Siri all using voice search this is of more importance because you want to be ranking in those too.

Use keywords and phrases that you would use in dialogue or conversation when speaking to someone.


Why not try searching for keyword here and see how it works for yourself. Have a play around and see what you can come up with and what you would be able to use when creating your next piece of content. Try it for free below.

Onwards and Upwards

Now I have only covered the main use of keyword tools, showing you on Jaaxy and each is different and offer different tools within the keyword tool for you to use.

Once you start using them and gaining experience in whichever one you choose to use you will start to discover more ways you can use these to grow your site and even better than that, an understanding of yours and other sites (your competition), thus giving you the information and sometimes the edge you need to create content that is going to a ahigher rank on search engines. The higher you rank the more traffic you will be driving to your site for FREE.

Remember keywords are everywhere. They are used on ALL online platforms that provide search abilities including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social platform that provides a search bar. Use your keywords here too when promoting your content and products and remember the human element, use keywords as you would speak them.

I really hope this has given you a clearer understanding of keywords and keyword research and taught you the importance of researching and using relevant keywords and phrases in your content when promoting that content through social media channels and in your advertising.

By utilising these types of tools you are giving yourself a far greater chance to succeed in what you are trying to achieve in the online world.

Thanks for reading and I wish you well.


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