Choosing The Best Affiliate Programmes

If you are thinking about or have already started a blog, vlog, website of any nature you are at some point going to want to monetise this.

An easy way of monetising your blog or website if through affiliate programmes. These are programmes that you can sign up to and will be paid to advertise and produce sales for them.

Some sites such as Amazon and eBay have their own affiliate programmes while other programmes such as Awin and Paid on Results are intermediary agents for other companies offering affiliate payments.

The key to earning commissions as an affiliate is to make sure you are promoting products that are relevant to your niche and that your readers want. Below I have listed my top 5 affiliate programmes for those looking to start monetising their online business.  Choose who you affiliate with wisely as it is not only the products you will be promoting that are of interest to your readers/clients/followers but for some people, it is also the ethos, integrity and values of the companies making the products.

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Don’t Jump the Gun

While we are all desperate to see our online businesses start to bring in some cash it is worth noting that you should not jump into signing up for an affiliate programme before your site is able to produce results that will benefit both the advertiser and yourself. Some affiliate companies will drop you if you haven’t made them any sales within a set time frame. Amazon Associates likes to see some sales from you within the first 6 months and while this is not a difficult task be sure your site is seeing a steady stream of visitors before signing up to save this from happening.

While we all want to be monetising our sites as quickly as possible there are things that you need to take into consideration before signing up to these programmes.

You need a steady or growing amount of website visitors. If you are blogging it takes an estimate of around 40 blogs for you to be ranking well on search engines and gaining regular amounts of visits to your site. Remember that not everyone who visits your site will click on your links and even those that do will not always make a purchase.

Your links and advertising on your site should match your chosen niche. People who are visiting a website about fishing are hardly going to click on a link or advert that is for makeup!


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Traffic first, then commissions.

Useful Affiliate Programmes


Awin has thousands of advertisers on its programme from a variety of sectors and countries. You need to sign up for each website you own and will apply to advertiser separately. You can also create a profile for each website you own that will allow advertisers to reach out to you if they think your site is a good fit for their company and/or products.

Each company that is registered within Awin has its own rules and policies for becoming a publisher with them and these are clearly laid out before you join.

The dashboard at Awin is easy to navigate and it will show you all your earnings in one place while also allowing you to break this down into individual advertisers which is helpful.  They also show the number of clicks through your site as well as purchases made through clicks.



Amazon Associates is a very popular affiliate site for people just starting out in their business venture to sign up to. As we all know most people have purchased a product off of Amazon at some point since it started. Again each of your sites must be listed separately within the Amazon Associates programme. While Amazon offers a diverse array of things to purchase what you list on your site should be relevant to your niche.

It is also worth noting that while people may not always buy the things that you have linked to if they land on Amazon through your link then purchase other items you may still earn a commission on these items. This is true for most affiliate programmes and this is done with the help of “cookies”.


Paid on Results

Paid on Results, like Awin has a growing number of businesses that you can become an affiliate for in a variety of niches.  You can simply create an account and browse the merchants (businesses) offering affiliate programmes and request to join that you think will work well in your chosen niche.

Paid on Results has a nice clean control panel and is easy to navigate. Your control panel allows you to see how many merchants you have joined, your revenue and new merchants as well as being able to browse all creative links, feeds, voucher offers and products.



Similarly to Amazon, eBay has its own affiliate programme called the eBay Partner Network and again this site sells items from across many niches and from many companies.  Ebay Partner Network is also easy to sign up to and work with. It has a clear structure and interface although unlike some other affiliate programmes a purchase needs to be made through your link within 24 hours in order for you to qualify for a commission on it.



Clickbank is a favourite for many affiliates and some affiliates earn a full time living working only with Clickbank and may base their business around it. This is done more through email marketing than via websites, blog sites and such although you can integrate many of their items, niche dependant, on your site. However, Clickbank is better known for promoting digital products rather than physical products. This allows them to pay out higher commissions too.


My Top 5

These are my Top 5 recommended affiliate sites to get anyone started who would like to monetize their online ventures. I have used all 5 sites with varying success since I started online. Now there are many other programmes you can join and you will find these by simply doing a search online.  I have chosen these as they are easy to navigate and suit many niches, so there should be something for everyone within these 5.

As stated above it is always better to wait until you have a steady stream of daily visitors to your site before signing up to affiliate programmes. This will ensure that you better meet the requirements, of the merchant/advertiser, should there be any about making sales in the first few months.

This will also stop you from becoming disheartened as it can be frustrating when you are waiting on that little bit of could news to say “you have earned commission on …”.  When you have a steady flow of traffic this will come much sooner and easier for you. Once you have earned your first commission you will be eager to earn more and this really does give you a boost.

Best of Success to You.

How To Choose The Right Niche

lightbox with "think outside the box" written on itStarting Out Online

If you are looking to start your own business online or make money online, you need to know what it is you want to be offering your customers or clients before you start. Are you going to offer a wide variety or are you going to zone in and offer a specific thing?

So whether you are looking at getting into bogging, affiliate marketing, online stores, informational websites or any other online business you will often hear about choosing your niche.

Now, don’t get me wrong many people work across many niches, but when starting out is a better idea to choose one and concentrate on that until it is providing you with an income before moving into another niche. This also allows you to learn and make mistakes in just one area or sector of your business.

Then when or if you decide to start a second online business you will know exactly what NOT to do and setting up this second online income stream will be easier, less frustrating and have you earning your second income more quickly.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a subject or topic that your business will become based around. Some of the most popular niches are diet and weight loss, making money, exercise and niches rising in popularity are homesteading, CBD and hemp products.

So, you may choose a niche that you are already knowledgable in or you may decide to choose something completely new to you and learn as you go. The choice is completely yours.

Now once you have chosen a niche it is also important to decide if you want to cover in broad or narrow terms.  This means are you going to just cover the niche in general or are you going to narrow it down to a specific area within that niche and specialize in that.

Take for instance “camping” as a niche. Are you going to go broad and cover every aspect of camping or are you going to narrow it right to “camping in canvas tents”, “hammock camping” or “off-grid camping”. See when you start to narrow down your niche to specifics you are going to attract, mainly, only an audience interested in that type of camping to your online business. An audience who are interested in that specific style and who are interested in what you have to say or you are going to be offering. An audience who possibly already have that as an interest and are going to be ready to part with their money on your offers or promotions.

Types of Niches

Now it is also important to understand that there are a few types of niches and this is also something you need to consider when choosing your niche.  If you are looking for supplementary income then seasonal or fad niches can work but if you are looking to make a steady income an evergreen niche would likely be your first choice. You can always branch into fun seasonal and fad niches at a later time when your income is more steady.


Seasonal Niches

There is many seasonal niches, meaning niches that will be more popular depending on the time of year or seasons. Like the example used above, camping would be a seasonal niche. Now there are people who camp all year but, for the majority this a seasonal thing. So while this may gain lots of interest and make money during say late spring to early autumn it will probably not provide you with a consistent income.


Fad Niches

Another type of niche is a fad niche. This is when something has become popular or is fashionable for a short-lived period.  This can often be items such as kids toys or the latest fashion accessory. Similarly to the seasonal niche, this will not provide a steady year-round income. Although these may be great “fun” niches and have the possibility to make a good income from if you get in quick, this will only be short-lived income.


Evergreen Niches

Now, these are the steady, year-round income providing niches that most online business people like to work within. These are the niches that no matter what time of year is, and because people are always interested in or need, never go out of fashion. The people who come and use or who are attracted to your business may change, but there will always be a good audience for you to provide for.

Before you even start an online business of any kind it is important that you know exactly what it is you want to offer your audience and this is for the following reasons.

> It is easier to come up with a business plan, set goals and discover the best ideas to help you reach your desired outcome.

> It provides you with a clear idea of what you need to be doing and offering your customers. It is all too easy to go off track if you are unclear of what it is you want to offer and can result in lots of unnecessary work for you.

> You want to make it clear to anyone visiting your business, online store, website or blog what it is you offer. This ensures you are attracting the right kind of people.


Define Your Niche Early for Success

So choosing your niche early on is a vital part of having success quickly in an online business.success loading picture

Now it doesn’t matter if you want to blog, vlog (video blog), teach or educate people on your chosen subject matter. By becoming an affiliate partner of companies who sell items related to your chosen subject is a good way for those starting out in their online business to make money.

You have no products of your own to stock, no touching or playing middle man you simply get a commission every time someone buys through YOUR affiliate link.


Another way to earn online income is to create something of your own to sell, within a niche, to your audience or customers, although this is a little more difficult and time-consuming at first, you are in control.

This is often done by people who are already experienced in online business or who have a target audience already that they can promote their own product too.

I hope this helps give a little more understanding of niches and where to start in your online venture. I do suggest that you take your time in choosing and give it plenty of thought and research as once you have chosen your niche you can be pretty much committed! Getting your online business up and running is time-consuming and a big commitment as it may take a few months before you start to see the results you want. But, perseverance is key. Keep at it and you will get there.

Good Luck and May Success be Your Friend


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