How to Ensure Your SUCCESS in 2019

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Well, 2019 is now here and as most people do you have probably set your self a few resolutions or goals for the coming year.

In the following post will look at setting goals, the use of planning and taking action in this blog. By using all 3 of these strategies to full effect in the coming year you will be setting yourself up for great success.

Feel Like Making Dreams Come True


If you are looking to start a new venture or really want to strive forward with the business, you are in you will most probably have set yourself some goals for achieving this. If not, why not?

Set your goals and write them down. Now writing them down is really important. You can have goals in mind and that is great but the trouble with that is that you can easily change or manipulate them without anyone knowing and probably while lying to yourself a little too. Once you write them down have them somewhere where you will see them each day. On your office desk, in your diary, on your mobile, as a screen saver on your computer even.

Writing them down means:

· They are there in black and white.

· You can read them whenever you want.

· You can have them to hand any time you are planning or changing plans to help attain your goals.

· They are there as a constant reminder of where you want to be and what you want to have.

I know many people have business plans and that is great, but I find goals are equally if not more important. Goals really give us something to work towards and we can have many given goals at one time.

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You can have your short term, medium-term and long-term goals all running together but all focusing on completely different areas. For me, I have daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and longer-term goals.

Why do I have so many? To help keep me focused.

My daily, weekly and even monthly goals are more refined. Daily and weekly almost more like a to-do list or goal. My monthly goals are far higher aiming. Normally business-related goals.

Anything above monthly goals tends to be my REALLY BIG goals. I have started going bigger with my longer-term goals as I feel it keeps me more focused and I find I don’t give up on them as easily.

Now I have started going bigger with my goals and the main reason for this – Grant Cardone! Now if you haven’t heard of him, I suggest you look him up. Grant is the creator of 10X. After reading his book I am now ready to set myself bigger goals. Although bigger goals mean bigger action! For me, bigger action is good. It means less time to procrastinate, to let fear set in or simply be lazy.

Some of my bigger goals can be the amount I want to earn in that year, how many books I will read in a year, where I will travel or big purchase items like cars etc.

One thing to point out is that once I set my goals they never change! I never downsize them to make them more attainable. That is the reason for setting my goals bigger because even if I do fall short, I will still have achieved more than if I were to have set a smaller goal.



Once I set my goals I will plan and come up with strategies for reaching them. Now unlike my goals, my plans are something that I can keep changing and often do. If my original plan for reaching a goal is not working, then I will change it to something else that I may think will bring greater results.

To start your planning, it is best to have a fresh page for each goal. Write your goal at the top of the page and then start to write down strategies or things that you plan to take action on to help you reach your goal.

I tend to write my goal and then have a list of bullet points underneath. Then I will have actions for each bullet point at the end of my plans.



· Strategy 1

· Strategy 2

· Strategy 3

Strategy 1

This is where I will write how I carry this strategy out, what exact measures I will take.

Strategy 2

I repeat as above for each strategy I have bullet-pointed and I will keep going until I have completed ways in which I am going to take action to reach this goal.

Now as I said before I repeat this for every goal. This may seem time-consuming but believe me, committing it onto paper is very worthwhile. Now you can choose whether you handwrite it or type it, the choice is entirely yours, just make sure to have it written down somewhere, so you can read it whenever you choose.

I like to handwrite mine as I feel it commits it to memory better for me and I find writing by hand very therapeutic at times. However, this can be more time-consuming in the long run as I rewrite the whole page when I change or update strategies relating to a particular goal.


Now one other thing that I feel is vitally important at this point it to plan to set time aside to work on these. Your business goals should be given priority unless you have very pressing health goals that you need to reach to enable you to work on your business.

Try to set aside time daily just to work on reaching your goals. Now, this is not as hard as it sounds as if you are working on business goals you will have time set aside anyway. Now you are just going to be more focussed on what you are going to be doing as you will be following your strategies.

Taking Action

Now that you have set your goals and done your planning it is time to TAKE ACTION. This is going to be the most important part of making this year a success. Along with setting goals taking action to reach those goals is a must. You will never reach your goals or further yourself in any area without taking action!

You must always put in the work if you want success. The harder you work the quicker you will reach success.

Grant Cardone also covers taking big action in his 10x book which I have taken notes from along with Mel Robbins – 5 Second Rule

. I would highly recommend you read their books or even look them up on YouTube. Both address ways to help you take more action, bigger action than you have done previously and as I have already stated action = success.

Take Action
Set aside time EVERY day to take action on reaching your goals. Now every day mean seem a lot but if you want to succeed you got to commit. Now, this doesn’t need to be vast amounts of time, although that will get you reaching success quicker. Just be sure to do something that will move you forward. You may be having the busiest day ever with family or vacation or whatever just do 1 thing every day.

Even if it is only making 1 phone call, writing down 1 or 2 ideas, sending 1 email. Just make sure that every single day you do at least 1 thing.

e.g. if I have 2 goals, one to get more exercise and 1 to read more books I can get creative about working on these 2 goals at once. I will listen to an audiobook while exercising, driving OR doing household chores.

If you want it, you will find a way!

It can be as quick as 2-3 minutes of your time so there is no excuse. Hell, you can do it on your phone in the loo if you need to just make sure and get it done!

Now not all action will bring results, you may at times take action and it can be the wrong action, but you have tried it and if it doesn’t work you can change it. What is important is that you are always striving forward, keeping in motion, moving on and never becoming stuck or stagnant.

One failure does not mean you quit, it means that way didn’t work for you. Many great people say that their success inbuilt on failures. What is important is that you keep going, keep TAKING ACTION!


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