Pushbuttonsystem Scam Review


From the get-go, this site is offering and enticing you with ridiculous claims of making thousands of pounds per day by just pushing one button!

If you have landed on the sales page you would probably watch some of the videos that make these claims.  People stating that they have made $20 – $30 thousand dollars by just pushing a button.  You would also have seen Jay driving his sports car and entering a big house.

At no point in this video does he actually tell you what the system is or how it works!

Another HUGE RED FLAG is if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will be able to read the disclaimer.  In fact, this disclaimer totally contradicts what he is telling you on the video.

Read this picture of the disclaimer below.

He states NO ACTORS yet the disclaimer says they used actors in making the video

He also states on many occasions about the amount of money you will make by PUSHING THE BUTTON, yet the disclaimer clearly states that “the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”

Website Name: Pushbuttonsystem

Website URL: Pushbuttonsystem.com

Owner:  Goes by the name of Jay Brown

Type of Product: online trading

Scam or Not: SCAM

My Opinion:  

This is without a doubt, in my mind, a scam.  You will pay the special discounted price of $37 for the system.  You will then be asked for an initial deposit of $250 to start your trading account.  Then if you wish you can push the button and see where it gets you.  In my opinion probably out of pocket.

If I were you I would stay well clear and remember to always read the disclaimer on these sites and research them before paying out any money.


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