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Site Rubix (SR) started back in 2007 as part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  Since this time it has grown and changed and continues to do so, this is so that it is always at the forefront and leading edge when it comes to website building.  Best of all it is FREE to build a website with Site Rubix.

Site Rubix has everything you need to build a stunning website quickly and easily and by this, I mean in minutes.  They have taken all the technical stuff and either put it behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry about it or they have completely simplified it.  Either way, it takes most of the technical and time-consuming stuff away.

Who is it for?

Site Rubix is for anyone who wants to have and design their own website for FREE.  If you do sign up for a free website you also qualify for the FREE MEMBERSHIP at Wealthy Affiliate which provides you with training that supports this.  You will get not 1 but 2 FREE training courses, have access to a community of people with a wealth of knowledge and access to more free training in the way of site members’ tips and tricks in blog posts within the site.

  • So if you are passionate about something and want to get a website up and running on your subject matter or niche then this is a great place to start.
  • If you are not technical or have never built a website then you will be guided through the process.
  • If you want to start your own online business this is a great way to start.
  • If you want a family website that you can Blog on and add pictures too then great, this is a great thing to hand down to future generations so they can then add to it.

Site Rubix is for everyone and there is an amazing community within Wealthy Affiliate with people from all walks of life who are there to also help guide and support you should you need it.

Free Websites and Hosting

At Site Rubix, you will receive 2 FREE websites along with hosting!

Yes! you can get 2 FREE websites with hosting.  These are subdomains so your website domain would be for example  This is ideal if you are unsure about having your own website or you simply just don’t have the money right now to purchase your own .com, .org, domain.

These domains can still rank highly within Google, Bing and Yahoo.  So you can if you want to build your own website completely free and then at a later date even transfer your free site over to a new domain.  If you do have money and want to buy your own domain from the outset then great.  You can do that at Site Rubix too!

This makes having your own website available for everyone which I think is amazing!

Now you may have seen cheaper domains to buy on other sites, yeah I have seen them too.  But, do they do all the hosting and provide you with everything you need to get your website looking AMAZING? Most of them don’t!

Not only will you have a website and free hosting, but you will also have your own site email, access to thousands of website themes and plugins, the content builder with templates and access to free images to use on your web pages.  All of which is continuously growing and being advanced so you have access to some of the best materials.

You also get to have an SSL certificate for your site installed with the click of a button.  This too is free although most providers charge you for them and you need to set them up yourself.  Due to google changing the way they rank sites it is now good practice to have SSL installed.

At Site Rubix, you have all of the following.    Site Rubix Dashboard

Site Manager – this is where you have access to all of your sites here on Site Rubix.  You can log in, see your stats for pages, posts and comments.  You can also see your site health all before even signing in. Your login details are also securely stored here and you can sign in with the touch of a button.

Site Builder – this is where you will build your website.  You can choose your initial theme and set your site up with step by step instructions.

Site Domains – whether you want a free site, paid site or to bring your own existing site to Site Rubix this is where you will go.  You can search for available domain names and even purchase them within here.

Site Content – this is where the magic happens and you write your content.  There are a few templates for you to get started including about me, disclaimer and privacy policy.  There are templates to help you write your own content which has suggested layouts, word count, spelling and grammar check and where you can add media such as pictures, music and video.  There is also the use of buckets to help you organize your content which is really useful if you have more than one site.

Site Comments – here you can comment on others sites and have people comment on your site.  This works as an exchange to help you get engagement on your site when starting out and also can help with ranking.

Site Feedback – this works in the same way as comments.  You can get feedback for your site once you give feedback to 2 other peoples sites.  I feel that this is invaluable when you are just starting out.  Constructive criticism from those who are more knowledgeable can really help you to get your site growing. Fresh eyes always see things that you don’t and don’t worry nobody is nasty, everyone is there to help support and guide you.

Site Support – this is for support for any technical aspect of your site.  Just get in touch if you are struggling with something if something is not working and they will help you get it sorted.


If you make the great decision to use Site Rubix you will also have access to training through Wealthy Affiliate.  This is a GREAT free double bonus for people just starting out.  Training is aimed at affiliate marketers just starting out and will walk you through getting your website up and running.  Training is provided through text and video media and there are 2 free courses which you can complete for free when you are just starting.  There is an option to upgrade to premium so you can complete more extensive training if you wish to do so but there is no pressure to do this.

This is the outline for the Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

table of lessons

And the Entrepreneur Certification Training.

 Certification Training

Keyword Search Tool

You will also have lite use of the Jaaxy Keyword and Niche Research Tool.  This is a great tool to use to help you rank better within search engines.  Again there is training on how you best utilize this tool for SEO (search engine optimization) which will, in turn, get your content ranking better within search engines and improve your site health.


If you choose Site Rubix as well as having your website and hosting provided for you, you will also have access to a great technical resource.  Should you ever need help with anything technical you can get support right from the Site Rubix Dashboard?  There will always be someone that you can get in touch with to have your questions or queries answered.

As well as technical support from the dashboard you also have a whole community that can help you, you only ever need to ask.  Remember that this community has a wealth of knowledge around building websites too, there’ll always be someone there with an answer or to point you in the right direction.

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