Learn to Become Successful

Everyone wants to become successful, right?

Well, yes!  Well, read on to find out how you can learn to become successful.

Everyone wants success in their life in one way or another, everyone wants to succeed at something. Now not everyone wants success in the same way and everyone measures success differently. What you see and think as success is not always what the person next to you thinks or sees as success.


What is Success?

For most when you think about success you think about wealth. Nothing wrong with that and if that is how you see success that is what you will be aiming for. Just as those who see success as owning your own business or selling your own products will be aiming to do just that.

You see success is a very individual concept but the path to having that success is very much the same, you need to learn. Some people see success as money, owning a business, having their children flourish, owning a homestead and living off-grid, travelling the world. Success is as individual as the person who dreams of that success. For this reason, there is no simple and easy path to success as the path will also be as individual for each person as the thought of their success story.

So if you want to become successful say in online marketing you need to learn all about online marketing and then practice it. Just like if you want to become a successful bodybuilder you need to learn how to – through learning about exercise and diet and putting it into practice. What works for one person may not always work for others but if you learn and understand what is needed, all that is required for you to tweak it to become your own success path.

Whatever area in your life you want to be successful in is most definitely going to require you to work for that success and part of that work will be to learn and then put what you learn into practice. This along with drive and persistence is what you need to succeed in anything and all you do.

You may learn what you need from blogs, books, people you know, people you aspire to be like or those who have gone before you and done what you want to do. It is always a good idea to learn from as many sources as you can to get a well-rounded education in what you want to do.



People learn in many different ways from copying others, learning through their own mistakes and absorbing information from various sources.

What is your learning style? Are you able to absorb all the information presented to you in a video and remember it to put it into practice? Maybe you absorb more information when you read or even need the written process in front of you to put things into practice the first few times. Maybe having a conversation where someone will explain something and you can happily go off and implement their instruction with no issues.

It is good to know your own learning style and ideally you will be able to use a good mixture of learning to help you become successful. It is also worth remembering that you need to be continually learning to become and stay successful. As the world is changing at a faster pace than ever before continuing to learn is now as crucial to already successful people as it is to entrepreneurs starting out on their own journey to success.


Making Time to Learn

Now I know, if you are just starting out you will be wondering how on earth you are going to fit in learning when you are working every spare minute trying to get your business venture off the ground and trying to get it bringing in money. but, it is a must.

Now you may already have undertaken one or two courses to give you the knowledge to get to where you are now in your new venture but you definitely are not going to know everything. While working on your business is super important and sometimes stressful it is always useful to step back now and then and take stock.

Have you put every bit of learning into practice? If not why not? Are you getting too bogged down in concentrating on one aspect of the business? Has anything changed in the sector since you started that you need to now be implementing? This is especially prevalent in online work if you are using SEO to drive custom as this is one thing that is ever-changing and evolving and you need to be keeping up with it in order for your business to keep going forward and succeeding.

I have seen many people get too bogged down in just doing one or two things on repeat thinking that that is all they need to do to get the business moving forward.

For example, a new blogger who now has their website up and running is continually churning out blog post after blog post, as they learned you need to be publishing to your site regularly and need a number of posts on site before you move up the ranks in search engines or get good traffic. So they are spending almost every spare minute writing away then hitting the publish button. They may be spending 30 hours plus writing but are not seeing many visitors or they are getting some visitors but no conversions in sales or sign-ups. That is because they stopped learning, they learned only part of what is needed to have a successful website. If they had continued to learn more they would know that some work is required to help drive traffic to their site through various sources i.e. sharing on social media. They would also know that they need to learn more and take some action on their “call to actions” within their posts. Or as above SEO strategies are changing and google has made changes that mean they are no longer getting decent ranking in search queries.


someone writing in a book


While it may only have taken a day to learn these new skills and say 10 minutes a day to implement them they have instead become stuck in a rut and are leaving “money on the table” so to speak.  See by learning and implementing these few lessons they may have seen their site grow and convert at a much faster pace.

So as you can see making time to learn is a very important part of business and success.

Whether you choose to set aside a little time every day to learn or a few hours a week, the important thing is setting that time aside. It is good practice to factor this into your working week or the hours you spend on your business. Factor it into your timetable and do so in a productive way.

If you know what it is you need to be learning next, write it down and make time to learn it. Sometimes you may want to learn something more in-depth so you have a much better understanding of it and sometimes it will be a completely new subject or method you want to learn. Just always make sure you make time for it. Put it on your to-do list in your diary. If you plan a week or a month ahead, ensure you write down your learning goals and stick to them.

As long as you are willing and committed to learning you will always be improving, yourself as a business person and your business by implementing what you have learned.

So, watch videos, read other peoples work, read books, blogs, tutorials, listen to books, watch what other people are doing right and learn from them. Try to meet up with other like-minded people, those in the same or a similar business model to yourself and listen to what they have to say, share ideas, ask for help.


Learning From Yourself

Like most people, I don’t think we do enough of this. But, learning from yourself and your own trials and errors is a really important tool to utilise.

Take time to reflect on what you have been doing. What has been working well and what not so well? Think about how your time is best spent to get you what you want. Are you setting and meeting your goals in business? If not, why not? What must you change to improve your current situation?

man looking at pinned posts on a wall

Spending time in reflection can help us learn a lot, not only about our business but about ourselves. If we can truly be honest and know both our strong points and weak points we can work on what needs improving and what needs perfecting to allow us to strive forward to success.

Maybe a weakness of yours is posting regularly to social media, yet when you look at analytics you can see it drives a good amount of traffic to your site. What can you do to change this? It may even be the other way. Maybe you spend too much time on social media as you also get distracted while on there posting for your business. Maybe unconsciously you are procrastinating as you know you should be writing or learning and by fooling yourself into believing you are being productive you are in fact avoiding doing tasks you find more difficult or mentally challenging. This can be especially true when you are feeling tired.


Learn from Data and Analytics

Another important area we can learn from is from data and analytics held about our business and what we do. If you are running a website it is important that you have an analytics plugin installed. whether this is on websites or on social media platforms. The information you can gather from this is invaluable. It can also help you make more informed choices when it comes to reaching success.

picture of computer analytics data

It’s not just data from our websites that are important but anywhere our work is shared. If you are like most businesses and share or promote your work online or in social media platforms it is also worth looking at the data and analytics from these sources too.

Looking at data and analytics will show you what is working well for you and what isn’t. This will allow you to focus on creating or replicating what is working for you and whether to improve upon or drop what isn’t working. This can save you valuable time and effort on the road to success.


Appreciating Learning

As you can see from the above paragraphs, learning really is a must when we want to be successful. Now most of us do learn something new every day anyway but when you really focus on learning, both by setting time aside to learn and being meaningful and exact about what you learn it really can give you a great advantage over your competition and put you ahead in due time.

Gain that knowledge and put it into practice, analyse how it is working for you. When you start seeing results related to your learning and implementation of things you will have a better understanding of the importance of it.

Learning will then become second nature, you will seek to learn and grow in yourself and your business capabilities leading you further and further up the path towards success.

Remember you reap what you sow. Put in the effort with anything and you will see the results.

I hope success finds you, sooner rather than later.


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